Wholesome Culture "There is no Planet B" organic tee

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Riana Clark
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Quite honestly, I am a bit in love with Wholesome Culture as a company. I love ethical companies that showcase how important it is to them to do good, and furthermore, to be good. The product in and of itself contains an important, thought-provoking message in an eye-catching way, and is created in a process that matches up the values the company espouses with the message they put out. The way it is made appears to be more sustainable than a lot of other companies, and it is clear that the company sets their standards high. I wasn’t ever able to find where they source their cotton, though it’s very promising that it is 100% organic. Furthermore, one of the few downsides, is that it’s organic cotton, it does tend to be more expensive. However, this company has large discounts all of the time, and if you really want to pay less, one only need wait a couple of days for it to be even more affordable! You’re paying for quality, for a morally-sound process, and for the knowledge that your money is going towards helping make the planet a better place.

What it's made of:


Given that these shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, it is no wonder how soft they are. When selecting this item off the Wholesome Culture website, one hardly has to scroll down the page to see the “Product Details”; which include the 100% certified organic cotton, as well as the fact that they use a water-based ink. Cotton that is grown organically generally means that no harmful GMO’s, pesticides, or fertilizers were used. Additionally, using organic cotton as compared to conventional cotton ends up producing 46% less CO2e, and uses much less water to grow! Other inks typically contain harmful chemicals such as PVC’s [polyvinyl chlorides], and phthalates, which can be harmful towards the development of children, cause cancer, or release toxic fumes when exposed to high heat. In contrast, this safe alternative can be cleaned up with just a little bit of water, and provide a clearly safer working environment. When I know exactly what few things a product contains, I know that I have a much easier peace of mind purchasing it.

How it's made:


This particular tee is wonderfully common insofar that it is made in a WRAP-certified factory, which means that the factory has found the workers to be operating in “safe, lawful, humane, and ethical conditions” by a Worldwide Responsible Accreditation Production-trained auditor. Like any of the other WC products, it is made on demand as to not waste any product, and can be expected to ship on average 3-5 weeks after ordered. It can easily be found that it is “hand-screen printed with love in the USA” on the product’s page, but can also be found that it is made in factories both in the USA as well as Bangladesh. There are a few other countries WC has factories in, and I attribute this towards attempting to shorten the shipping distance when shipping to countries outside of the U.S. Wholesome Culture continues their push for transparency by displaying on their website what each of their products Country of Origin are, and How It’s Made. Since the time of covid-19, WC has also adjusted to make sure that while they still keep their (virtual) doors open, they are still prioritizing their workers’ safety by “shift working, social distancing, and actively practicing cleaning best practices”. Additionally, this product, like all others from Wholesome Culture, is shipped in packaging that is entirely recycled and/or biodegradable!

Who makes it:


While Wholesome Culture does ship internationally, and obviously does have physical factories, it is worth noting that they are an entirely e-commerce company, and being that they also generally only print products on-demand, they cut down on drastically on the typical carbon footprint that would be produced from having customers drive to brick and mortar locations. Wholesome Culture’s mission is to “make the world a kinder and more sustainable place”; to additionally “inspire people to live a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle”. This can be seen through the messages of the products they produce, reminding their customers that “There is no Planet B”, “Help more bees, Plant more trees, Clean the seas” and to “Grow Positive Thoughts”. It’s often difficult to speak about things that are so important due to the emotional component, but Wholesome Culture allows one to do that in a simple and beautiful way. They put their money where their mouth is, by donating 10% of their profits to animal rescue and environmental organizations, and outline specifically how their financial help has assisted the organizations they support. The few times that extra products are printed, WC donates them to the same companies they detail giving financial assistance, so nothing goes to waste! Their philanthropic work totals $71,000 and 7,856 tees to nonprofit organizations.


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