Wave Bandit- 7’0“ Easy Rider

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Mariam Ziauddin
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As a formerly proud owner of my black Wave Bandit surfboard shamelessly named Diablo I am surprised to uncover the lack of information this company as to offer in terms of the sourcing of their product. I got to immediately relish in the features of my new surfboard once I was able to ride it on the waves, but now that I have absolutely no idea how it was made or who made it. Quite frankly, I am a little skeptical about buying another product from this brand again since their website is without a mission statement or any form of giving back to the community. The cheaper price seems to be the main reason this board is seen in most surf shops down Southern California and eventually into my hands as a beginner surfer and college student. This lack of information is the reason I will be switching to a more sustainable brand once my time with Diablo has run its course. 

What it's made of:


This darkened Wave Bandit surfboard is a classic foam top board perfect for beginner surfers looking to catch an easy wave. Right off the bat anyone who knows about surfing knows that a foam top is one of the more widespread and lighter materials used to make surfboards. In the website under the features section it states that the board has an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Core which is essentially made up of small polystyrene beads that are intensely heated to expand and put under high pressure to fuse. This gives that foamy look when you see the inside of a surfboard or discover a new white tear after a classic wipeout off your board. The top coating you see over the surfboard once its glassed is made from epoxy resin which gives the surfboard a pretty gloss and adds to the durability. This epoxy sets in the color of choice for when a surf board is made as well. The triple fin set up at the base of the board are made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which is an alloy of rubber and plastic. This makes this a very durable, flexible and smooth product that is perfect for water to slide right past the fins, creating a frictionless glide through the waves. With these two resource intensive ingredients as a primary part of the surfboard both of these products are environmentally unfriendly. Mainly because of polystyrene does have to go through a very intense process to become molded into a surfboard. The high heat and water concentration can make the carbon footprint of this product skyrocket. However, polystyrene is recyclable which is hopeful in terms of this company reducing their waste, by perhaps opening a recycling or reuse program for their old and tattered boards. I will be giving this section a lower score because of the unsustainable ingredients.

How it's made:


After taking a dive into their website I could not find a single tab about how any of the Wave Bandit products are made. The only links they have are to different styles of surfboards, accessories and clothing which leads me to believe that profit is the single most important goals to this company and sustainability being a very low one. For a surfboard to be crafted it has to go through the process of shaping and varnishing, which all happens in one location or shipped out to different areas. Since there isn't any information about how each product is made on the website, I can conclude that the practices aren't going to be environmentally efficient. The transportation cost of this product from any where around the world can increase the amount of pollution entering the atmosphere. This lack transparency is concerning and there was nothing on the website that could point me in the direction of where each piece of this board came from or how it came to be in most aquatic stores.

Who makes it:


Just like the section before, their is absolutely zero information about who created this surfboard. Nor any information on where each component comes from in the world, who combines it or where it is stored to be shipped out nation wide. The only name attached to the brand in Ben Gravy who is a surfing vlogger on Youtube. This lack of transparency could mean the worst since the employees of this product could be working in very unhealthy and exploitative conditions. With all this is mind I’ll be giving this section a lower rating.