Waterbridge Extra Dark (85%) Organic Chocolate

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Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh
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They support the Cocoa for schools project which is an impressive effort by the WaterBridge. This project provides education and improve lives of farmers and their families in Mbeya, Tanzania. The information about the project is also seen in the inside of the chocolate cover. For every bar purchased, Water Bridge donates 25 cents to the project. This is sure to brighten your day when you know you are making a positive impact. The certifications (mainly the rainforest alliance – cocoa sourcing and UTZ certification) and the mission of the company certainly points towards fair practices which is crucial considering the child labor issues in cocoa farming in many African countries. However, there is no information on the future sustainability goals by the company. This is one of the most sustainable chocolate companies and I would like to see Water Bridge taking stronger steps towards achieving sustainability goals.

What it's made of:


A good quality dark chocolate is a treat to have without much guilt owing to its benefits to your health and mood. The cover of the chocolate is appealing and catches your attention. The details on the cover includes information about the cocoa which is a single source cocoa from Tanzania. They are certified as vegetarian for all the vegan souls out there. Their prepackaged food is certified by Kosher which ensures that the company follows a strict policy of cleanliness, purity, and quality. They used UTZ-certified cocoa which is a label for sustainable farming of cocoa. They are made of 5 organic ingredients and are certified by the Organic Canada. The ingredients used are – organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic soya lecithin, and organic natural vanilla flavor. The ingredients used in the chocolate are sustainably sourced. The packaging of the chocolate is made using recycled and reused paper. For a higher rating, more information on this could be provided by the company.

How it's made:


They are certified by Rainforest alliance which supports sustainable cocoa farming. With abundant information available as the cover of the chocolate, it speaks for the company and their values towards sustainability goals. The certification ensures that the product (in this case the cocoa), was produced with methods that support the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. This is a very crucial step taken by the company as child labor is a growing concern in many cocoa growing regions in African countries. More information is needed for higher rating.

Who makes it:


The manufacturing and packaging are compliant with the Canadian regulations. They have a factory outlet in Pickering, Ontario. They also have a 5,000 square foot food-grade packing area which is open for visitors. It also seems that many of its chocolates are made in Belgium. The company is actively making efforts to reduce waste, use alternative energy and efficient machinery. The facilities in Belgium use solar energy panels, hydro and wind sources for energy and 90% of the wastewater is generated into nutrient-rich fertilizer. These are certainly impressive steps taken by the company. More information is needed for higher rating.


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