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Sophie Weiss
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First and foremost, Vertical Activewear advertises themselves as a slow-fashion brand, opposite of the modern fast fashion system of producing clothing cheaply and quickly. They incorporate sustainable practices through inclusive sizing, diverse leadership, eco-friendly materials, and their on-demand business model. Vertical Activewear provides a stunning example of how to execute a slow fashion brand that promotes ethical consumption that is good for the environment and society.

What it's made of:


Vertical Activewear demonstrates sustainability through the use of eco-friendly materials. They use recycled water bottles in their fabrics. To be exact, 22 bottles are used per yard of textile as well as in each bodysuit and pair of leggings they sell. 11 bottles are used in each romper and 7 are used in each bra or pair of shorts. They use recycled polyester made from local, american plastic waste. The transparency they provide in the fabrics they use prove a dedication to sustainable practices. Through the use of recycled material, they are taking waste out of landfills and putting it to good use with the creation of clothing. On top of this, they guarantee the use of recycled packaging, ensuring sustainability all along the supply chain. 

How it's made:


All of Vertical Activewear clothing is manufactured within the United States instead of the typical exportation of labor seen in fast fashion modality. This creates many positive benefits through the minimization of greenhouse gas release through transportation of goods. Exporting the manufacturing process to other countries often leads to an exploitation of labor as well, so it is very positive that the company keeps its manufacturing within the United States. On top of this, Vertical Activewear prides itself on being an on-demand fashion company which means they make clothing to order. This reduces the production of extra, unused clothing that ends up clogging landfills and contributing to environmental degradation. They do not use more materials than they need which proves very eco-conscious resource use. The company website does not discuss any factory certifications which does not ensure the use of fair labor practices.

Who makes it:


Vertical Activewear is an extremely progressive company that prides themselves on inclusive sizes made for diverse populations. They have sizes from XS to 5XL making their clothing available to people of all different sizes. The company website also features interviews with womxn that use their products, lifting up diverse voices. The founder and CEO, Tia Robinson asserts herself as a fantastic entrepreneur who embraces her identities as an African American woman, and is a person that promotes health and well-being through sustainable and mindful practices.