Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

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Elaine Lor
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It’s 2016, prom’s coming up and you’ve completely convinced yourself that you have the skills to do your own makeup. Even though the only cosmetic you’ve ever touched was cherry chapstick and even that’s a stretch for the definition of “cosmetic”. But no worries because now, you’re currently searching up “best mascara” on YouTube and every beauty guru swears by their holy grail mascara, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. While the mascara itself had me looking like the matchmaker in Mulan, that’s not the important part. The important part is that my standards for my makeup products have changed. For me, the question back then was “will this mascara give me long, luscious lashes ”, but now, the present me simply asks “is it sustainable… and also will it give me long, luscious lashes?”. So after learning all that I could about this holy grail mascara (and if time travel was possible), I would tell my 16 year old self to opt for a more environmentally friendly alternative. Even though Too Faced is firm with its stance on cruelty free products, it would be great to see the same energy for the environment and sustainability. There’s just not enough information to give them a higher rating. So if there was more transparency, there could be potential change in the rating. For now, it would be best to look for alternatives that are more eco-friendly and more transparent.

What it's made of:


There’s over ten ingredients that goes into making this holy grail mascara. One interesting ingredient that stood out was ethylhexylglycerin. While EWG rates it as low risk, this ingredient is known to cause serious eye damage depending on the dosage and there’s no information about how much is in the product. As for the environmental impact, ethylhexylglycerin is usually sourced from palm oil. The issue with that is palm oil plantations are one of the leading causes of deforestation in the rainforest and a major contributor to carbon emissions. Not to mention the palm oil companies led to to the destruction of wildlife habitats and displacement of indigenous people. Since there’s no information on where Too Faced sources their materials, specifically ethylhexylglycerin, it’s difficult to give them a high rating. Along with the lack of knowledge of their source for their materials, the packaging isn’t that great either. The mascara comes in a cardboard-like box and in a plastic tube. The box itself doesn’t mention any recycling and there’s no information on how to dispose of the tube once you’re done using it. Until Too Faced has more information about its source of materials and taking responsibility for it’s product waste, their rating will remain low.

How it's made:


Too Faced promotes itself as cruelty free meaning they don’t test their products on animals and their suppliers don’t test on animals as well. A positive is that Too Faced doesn’t sell their products in retail stores in those countries, so Too Faced products specifically aren’t tested on animals even if required by law. However, their parent company Estee Lauder does test on animals when required by law. So if they want to sell their products in other countries that require animal testing, Estee Lauder will test their products on animals. While Too Faced is cruelty free through and through, their affiliation with Estee Lauder should be noted. However, there isn’t much information about the manufacturing process for their product. There also isn’t any information on their labor practices and working conditions, so I have to assume the worse. While they’re strong in their beliefs on animal cruelty, it would be nice to see the same transparency for their workers and manufacturing processes.

Who makes it:


Since, Estee Lauder owns Too Faced, they’re also in charge of manufacturing the products. They have factories in the US, Belgium, and Switzerland. However, it’s never specified where exactly Too Faced manufactures its products and therefore, I don’t know how much air pollution is going into their product transportation. Again, more information and transparency would be appreciated, otherwise, this product doesn’t really deserve a better rating.