Toast Swimwear - Signature Cut Out Top (Spruce)

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Natalie Nguyen
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The brand Toast Swimwear is the stated sustainable sister brand to the popular label Stonefox Swimwear. Toast promotes conscious and slow consumerism in the sourcing of recycled material and the use of eco-friendly packaging. The brand’s minimalistic aesthetic also indicates how the suits can last a long time, as they are flattering yet not a part of any specific fashion trend. However, the brand offers a limited amount of information on the sustainability of the swimsuits and is not transparent on how and where the products are made. The website offers a few sentences on how it benefits the environment and is a “sustainable” brand. The sister brand, Stonefox, is the only source for potential facts on the production of the swimsuits, which also warrants some skepticism on if the suits are made in the same place or manner.

What it's made of:


The swimsuit is made from recycled material, although the site does not specify what material exactly is recycled. Further, the amount of recycled material in the fabric is not stated; the suits could only include a small percentage of recycled material in order to make the claim. On the sister site, Stonefox, the fabrics are stated to feature a variety of recycled, natural, and raw materials, however, the percentage used is again unspecified. Notably, the use of spandex fabric by other swimwear companies is unsustainable as the synthetic fabric is highly processed and uses nonrenewable resources, which, after hundreds of years, ultimately decomposes in a landfill. By ensuring that the material is recycled, Toast Swim diverts swimsuit fabric waste from the landfill and repurposes it into a new suit. While there is no telling where their suits end up, Toast is at least sourcing its fabric more sustainably. However, Toast receives a slightly lower score due to the question of transparency in the amount of recycled material used in their suits.

How it's made:


While there is no information on how the Toast Swimsuits are made, Stonefox states that the clothing is hand-dyed with plants, rather than using chemical-based clothing dyes that are water and energy-intensive, and extremely harmful to the environment. The excess chemical-based dye is often dumped into rivers, polluting the water and harming ecosystems as well as human health. The Toast suits are also shipped with eco-packaging, which means that the swimsuit is shipped in recyclable, consumer-safe material that limits energy and resource consumption. As there is a lack of transparency in the production of the suits, the company does not earn a high rating in how their products are made. In order for a higher score to be earned, especially with the company’s branding centered around sustainability, there needs to be more information on the website about the specific details of how the swimsuits are created. Without more evidence of how the company is environmentally friendly, there is no way to tell the difference between this brand and other unsustainable alternatives. The need to consult sources such as Stonefox Swimwear also poses an issue to the ordinary consumer who may not be inclined to do as much research into the brand’s claim for sustainability.

Who makes it:


There is no information on the site on where the swimsuits are manufactured, however as Toast Swimwear is the sister brand to Stonefox Swimwear, it is likely that the suits are created in the same factory. Stonefox states that their suits are created by an ethical, family-run factory in Indonesia. The Stonefox factory also is stated to have been built under LEED International Green Regulations, which emphasize efficient resource-usage and green construction, though the website does not include what the LEED rating for the factory is. This is an improvement to other fast fashion brands that produce swimsuits with unethical labor and large factories that use mass amounts of energy and other resources to function. However, the lack of transparency by Toast Swimwear implies that the brand may not be as sustainable as it claims. A higher rating could be earned in this section if Toast were to explicitly describe where the swimsuits are produced, and even how their current production methods could be improved as the brand would at least show transparency.