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Sophie Weiss
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Threads 4 Thought was founded in 2006 with the purpose of creating a fashion company that is ethical and encourages progress through consumption. On the website, they clearly advertise and promote their transparency report that reviews the negative aspects of the fashion industry, what their company is specifically doing to combat those atrocities, and where they hope to improve in the future. This company sets an amazing example for how to be transparent about environmental and social impact. They continue to prove to be sustainable through their actions, not just their words. Threads 4 Thought is committed to helping the environment, a rare finding within the fashion industry.

What it's made of:


Thread 4 Thought is transparent in their use of three main materials to make all of their clothing. First, they discuss organic cotton and its lack of GMO presence in agriculture. Organic cotton also uses less water and energy than regular cotton, mostly stemming from the production habits. However, the use of cotton, organic or not, still contributes negatively to the environment because of its basic resource consumption. Then, they talk about recycled polyester and nylon, and how they reduce waste in systems such as landfills and oceans to make their materials. Specifically, their new formula for recycled nylon targets the use of fishing nets in oceans. According to their website, the recycled polyester they use results in half as much energy and half the carbon emissions or standard polyester. Although, they do use some spandex which, as addressed in the transparency report, they are attempting to completely eliminate. Lastly, to make their clothing, they use Lenzing modal which uses bark from beech trees that naturally grow back, guaranteeing carbon neutrality. With Lenzing modal, the trees are not cut down and no agriculture is used such as with organic cotton. Threads 4 Thought also ensures on their website that 95% of their materials used in the production of Lenzing modal are recycled or renewed. Threads 4 Thought has been actively working to use materials with the lowest environmental and social impact. They are also setting goals to continue to progress.

How it's made:


The company attaches a code of conduct to their website to hold themselves accountable regarding the impact they have environmentally and socially. This Brand Code of Ethics discusses the standards for the working conditions, promising the workers a safe, healthy, and clean environment to work in. The factories comply with all local environmental laws and it is advertised that they contain the highest industrial certifications. On their Instagram, they make information readily available. For example, they have an Instagram Story dedicated to “impact” which talks a bit about their manufacturing process. Threads 4 Thought outsources their manufacturing to Weihei, China because of their extremely high standards for production as far as environmental impact and working conditions. They also ensure that 80% of the water used in manufacturing is recycled.

Who makes it:


On the Brand Code of Ethics attached to the website, Threads 4 Thought talks about the standard they set for their labor habits. They have a strict nondiscrimination policy across all levels of employment. They also outline a no tolerance policy of forced labor, child labor or overworking with overtime being consentual and not punishable if it is not used. Threads 4 Thought also regularly holds fundraisers to support causes such as Surfrider or local beach cleanups.