The True Cream - Aqua Bomb Aloe Vera

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Chloe Cho
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While the moisturizer does contain some beneficial skincare ingredients, I think they have a lot of work to do in providing more information to their consumer just in general. Compared to other Korean skincare products I’ve seen, this brand appears to have the least amount of information about their products, process, sustainability, and brand. If selecting a product from the brand is still being considered, their original aqua bomb moisturizer appears to have better ingredients, but they still contain a questionable amount of fragrances. I think there are also other clean Korean skincare brands that have better formulations that still contain aloe vera like Aromatica which also has less ingredients in their formulation. Pro: Contains nourishing skincare ingredients like aloe vera and oat which can improve skin elasticity and softness. Con: Contains denat. alcohol in the first five ingredients which is a drying skincare ingredient and contains a questionable amount of fragrances. There also doesn’t seem to be a lot of information in general on their website about the company and their sustainability goals.

What it's made of:


Although there are a lot of ingredients in the moisturizer that are good for skin, such as aloe vera and oat, there are also a number of ingredients that are questionable in its formulation. Belif’s aloe vera moisturizer contains a large amount of natural-origin fragrances (there are at least six) which can be skin irritants which can cause long-term damage on skin over time. The website mentions they are botanical, natural fragrances, but in research, natural and synthetic fragrances are known to cause skin irritation. There are many essential oils that provide some skin care benefits, but there are also many that can create long term problems. For instance, citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil, one of the listed fragrances, uses a volatile photosensitive skin reaction to enable its fragrance and can create an unpatchy skin appearance over time if there is a skin reaction. Although they mention their product is only formulated with less than 1% of synthetic fragrances, the presence of six fragrances is still questionable on whether it is necessary and harmful with its overall inclusion. They also list denat. alcohol, an extremely drying ingredient and skin irritant in the top five ingredients, which may indicate there is a large concentration within the formulation. However, their product packaging is very minimal and recyclable so they earn about half a planet for its sustainability and recyclability ease. As a whole, while there are seemingly many benefits with the ingredients such as aloe vera, the large amount of fragrances, fruit extracts, and alcohol may create more drying, irritating affects over time.

How it's made:


The product description mentions the aloe vera ingredients are ethically picked and sustainably farmed from a certified factory in Guastatoya, Guatemala; however, there is only mention of where they obtain their ingredients in their product description and it only mentions the general location of the factory. There is very limited information on the website about the manufacturing of all their products on their website other than what types of ingredients they use. Belif doesn’t seem to have very much information about the sustainability of their products other than their claims of creating clean products. If they had more information in general explaining how their products are recyclable, how they select their manufacturing facilities, or even mentioning their sustainability goals, it could have earned some planets.

Who makes it:


Belif is inspired by Duncan Napier’s philosophy of providing herbal traditions and combining it with modern Korean skincare science to provide the purest, natural skincare solutions for consumers. Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to see the transparency in their products when their website provides limited information other than a general overview of the types of ingredients they use for specific skincare concerns. They also fail to mention where they produce their products which does not seem to uphold on their claims of selecting an ethical factory to produce this moisturizer; even the mention of the selection is confusing since they never mention other ethically sourced manufacturers in their other products. The website itself doesn’t have much information about how they are a “clean beauty” brand other than their claim for selecting the purest natural ingredients and excluding parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, and animal origin ingredients. They only have pages on their product selection, bestsellers, their story, and press releases. I think if they had more information about their product formulation process, their manufacturing selection process, product recyclability information, and just overall more information about the company instead of only one origin story page they could earn planets.