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Eme Schwartz
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The Make Up Eraser claims to be the #1 sustainable make up remover in the world. Instead of having to throw away a make up wipe after every use, the product claims it is more sustainable as you are able to reuse it for 3-5 years. The company claims that one Make Up eraser is equivalent to 3600 regular make up wipes. The company makes a lot of big claims, but let’s dive deeper and see if the product really is sustainable overall. 

What it's made of:


The Make Up Eraser is made of 100% polyester. While polyester is a better material environmentally in terms of land and water use, it still has a lot of problems. A big problem is with pollution in factories producing polyester. If factories do not have proper wastewater systems, it can release dangerous toxins like titanium dioxide, cobalt, and sodium bromide to name a few. Additionally, polyester is made of oil, which is a fossil fuel, so manufacturing polyester encourages continuous fossil fuel extraction. Also, polyester is not biodegradable and, over time, contributes to micro-plastic pollution. Micro-plastics are exceptionally bad for the environment because when they enter our waterways, they can bioaccumulate up the food chain. So, while the Make Up Eraser claims sustainability by offering a reusable product, the material the product is made of is environmentally problematic and will remain in landfills for years.

The company claims that the Make Up Eraser has no added chemicals, alcohols, oils, parabens, fragrances, and sulfates which are some things known to have environmental impacts. The Make Up Eraser is also claimed as cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, and EU approved. It is good that the Make Up Eraser does not have environmentally harmful substances. However, some of these statements seem slightly confusing. Why would you need to clarify a product is vegan when it is not even made out of any plant based products? It just seems like the company is adding all these unnecessary labels to make them seem more environmentally and socially conscious. All these claims, while they are good, seem like greenwashing attempts to distract consumers from the fact that the Make Up Eraser is made out of an unsustainable material- polyester. 

How it's made:


The Make Up Eraser offers absolutely no information on where their materials are sourced, manufactured, and how they are made. I am assuming their products are not made in the same country so the additional greenhouse gas emissions associated with travel make the product even less sustainable. They also offer no information on their packaging- if it is recyclable or if the plastic used is recycled. Additionally, they have no information on if their manufacturers have to comply by any labor laws. Therefore, since the Make Up Eraser does not mention anything, I must conclude that there is a possibility of worker exploitation, child labor, human trafficking, unfair hours, and unfair wages. I wish the Make Up Eraser would be more transparent in their manufacturing process. 

Who makes it:


The Make Up Eraser claims to be the most sustainable make up wipe, but I do not believe that is true. The material the Make Up Eraser is made of- polyester- is not sustainable and has many environmental impacts. Additionally, when looking at the big picture of the product’s life cycle, the Make Up Eraser is not biodegradable and will be existing on our planet for years and years. The company tries to greenwash consumers with claims of being cruelty free and vegan, which is great, but also a bare minimum. Also, the company offers no information on how its products are manufactured or any working conditions for their suppliers and employees. The Make Up Eraser, in whole, lacks transparency in what exactly they are doing in regards to their product. For a company that makes such a big claim about their sustainability, I would like to see them doing a lot more for the environment and world. The Make Up Eraser also lacks any diversity initiatives which are super important in advancing toward a more sustainable future. I only give them some points in their efforts to reduce regular make up wipe usage, by offering a reusable option. In general, I would like to see the Make Up Eraser find an alternative material for their product, be more transparent in their manufacturing processes, and include more diversity initiatives if they truly want to be an environmentally friendly company.