TALA Leaf Mini Face Cloth

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Emily Dobson
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TALA and what it stands for not only makes this product great, but the rest of their items offered a great option for the price and knowing that they are doing their best for the environment and for the workers in their factories. The idea behind TALA and bringing activewear and sustainability together at a reasonable price still remains the forefront of the company and is what their consumers love them for. You can purchase their products knowing that you paid a good price, the workers are getting paid fair wages and that the environment is kept in mind the entire production process and post production process.

What it's made of:


The Leaf Mini Face cloth is only made of two materials, 90% bamboo and 10% cotton. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing natural materials on earth and requires little to no maintenance to grow. It requires no pesticides or fertilisers given its sturdy build and also requires no irrigation. Bamboo is carbon neutral and the use of it as a fibre has less of an environmental impact in comparison to other fibre materials. The cotton that TALA does use in their products is recycled, with some being mixed in with virgin cotton depending on the item being made.

How it's made:


Whilst the specific manufacturing process of the Leaf Mini Face cloth is not known to the public, TALA as a brand is very open and proud about their manufacturing effects to ensure that labour is fair and that sustainability is at the forefront. They have factories in four different countries, with the Leaf Mini Face cloth being made in Shanghai. In China, their factories are WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) which ensures that ethical and social standards are being followed.

Who makes it:


TALA was a fitness lifestyle brand created by Grace Beverly and launched in 2019 whilst in the end of her final year at Oxford University. The brand was built on the basis that fitness wear was never really made sustainably, or if it was, it was on the pricier side. Grace managed to find the middle ground between price and sustainability and create clothes that not only make you feel good, but are made with the earth in mind. One of the factors that adds to TALA’s credibility is that they have six core values that they represent - sustainable style, accessible, part of a conscious community, inclusive, transparent and paving the way. The combination of these six values allows the brand to be all rounded in all aspects.


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