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Zachary Moss
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We have to show this brand some love. It has poured itself into making a product that cares for us and the environment. While I haven’t seen shampoo bars becoming a mainstream item yet, I believe it is such an easy and feasible step for everyone to act on. superzero clearly has put in the time and effort into their product, and I will definitely be ordering myself a shampoo bar after this review. I hope you do as well.

What it's made of:


The superzero Shampoo Bar is primarily made from green tea leaf extract, Juniperus Communis fruit oil, hydrolyzed soy protein, making its bar completely plant-based with zero plastics in any of its products. The ingredients from its products are 98% plant-based and sourced from fully vegan and cruelty-free ingredients as well. There are no sulfates, silicones, phthalates, DEA, and synthetics in each bar. The shampoo bars are also entirely palm oil-free. The ingredients that go into each bar are carefully selected to not hurt the environment, the user, or the world.

How it's made:


superzero has a higher standard than the rest of the beauty industry. It has drastically reduced its footprint by using no plastics in any of its products or packaging. Moreover, unlike typical shampoo bottles, there’s no bottle manufacturing from superzero. Each bar is constructed from the raw ingredients to be used without any bottles—plastic or not. Moreover, the manufacturing process for each bar uses little to no water. superzero has an anhydrous formula for its plant-based ingredients that don’t require any water waste in the manufacturing process. Finally, superzero packages its products using only recycled and recyclable materials. These materials are also chlorine-free, non-toxic, and biodegradable. 

Who makes it:


superzero has a clear mission: super performance with zero waste. From its products to its manufacturing process, this story holds true. The company behind these products genuinely cares about beauty solutions that care for us without damaging the world. They aim to transform the beauty industry by developing products that are better than the ones they replace, so people will WANT to use these regardless of their stance on sustainability. The company prides itself on taking no excuses on sustainability and performance and holds itself to a high standard. 

On top of a clean and green product and process, superzero also focuses on giving back. The brand has pro-future programs to fight decades of pollution. They have a partnership with 1% for the Planet where every bar they sell supports ocean cleanup and marine conservation efforts.