Supergoop! PLAY Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 50 with Vitamin C

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Michelle Cheung Zheng
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Supergoop! has been established in the sunscreen industry since 2007 and emphasizes revolutionary sunscreen formulations without sacrificing core values like sustainability and equity. They make a wide range of sunscreen products including sunscreen lotion and sunscreen spray like the Supergoop! PLAY Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 50 with Vitamin C. This easy-to-apply spray leaves a fine mist of SPF 50 and is also water-resistant. It is a versatile sunscreen that can be used on all skin types. I personally enjoy this product and its lightweight and “clean” formulation because conventional sunscreen sprays often leave in physical and chemical toxins that are not disclosed to consumers. Supergoop! has done a great job at their social responsibility achievements and product formulations but being more transparent with supply chains and product sourcing would help improve their brand image even more. 

What it's made of:


This sunscreen is composed of a reef-safe formulation since it is formulated without oxybenzone. In the sunscreen’s ingredients, there are mainly active ingredients, alcohol, solvents, and essential oils. This sunscreen is also cruelty-free. The packaging itself uses a valve technology that eliminates the need for chemical propellants and makes it non-aerosol packaging. However, it is unclear if the packaging can be recycled after the sunscreen is fully used because it does not have a recycling symbol on the packaging nor is it stated on the product’s webpage.

How it's made:


All of Supergoop!’s sunscreens are made in the USA. SuperGoop! also imports different aspects of their products like caps from international places like South Korea. As a multi-million dollar company, SuperGoop! emphasizes the importance of “clean” product manufacturing. However, the life cycle and sourcing of this product are not detailed anywhere on the website. While Supergoop! states that they try to make their supply chains and products sustainable, there is no explicit information that outlines their processes. It would be helpful for the consumer to see the way that this sunscreen spray is made and how that aligns with their own sustainability standards. 

Who makes it:


SuperGoop! was founded by Holly Thaggard in 2007 who wanted to bring SPF pumps into the educational sector of Texas. For the past five years, SuperGoop!’s CEO has been Amanda Baldwin. SuperGoop!’s mission includes values of sustainability, social responsibility, and consistent product development. In their Earth Day 2021 blog post, they state that they have transitioned their packaging that includes cartons and shipping containers into 100% recyclable packaging. They also use vegan and cruelty-free formulas while not formulating with common sunscreen toxins to be EU-compliant with their ingredients. SuperGoop!’s social responsibility efforts are also detailed in another blog post where they discuss their commitment to diversity and inclusion through product development, internal, and external brand initiatives. SuperGoop’s consistent updates on their corporate responsibility efforts show a hopeful future for the sunscreen world where transparency and quality are combined.