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Mariam Ziauddin
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Bamboo Surf Co. immediately stole my heart as they mentioned to rebuild damaged forests from anthropogenic and natural causes. They vow to plant a tree with every purchased bamboo board. Their facility is also powered through solar panels rather than electricity which reduced their carbon footprint. Another eco-conscious step they take is to donate 5% of their allocated funds to renewable projects around the globe. These ideas that they showcase on their website makes this brand one of the most sustainable companies of surfboards I have seen. As a surfer myself, I would gladly swap or buy my next board from the Bamboo Surf Company in order to reduce my waste and harm on the earth since many surfboard brands are made of extremely toxic materials in their life cycle. However, this company is a new one, with almost zero reviews for each product. This could mean that after a few years there will be more reviews and information on weather or not the company is on par with their company goals. In my eyes, after reviewing this product, I give it 3/3 planets in terms of sustainability.

What it's made of:


The bamboo surf company shows its values through their company name. Any sustainably driven person knows of bamboo and how it is a classic eco-friendly material for various items. Bamboo straws, cups, chairs and now surfboards! While taking a deep dive on the website, I can clearly see under their “Eco-friendly” page that they state where the plants are grown and how they are harvested. In detail, this company uses the bamboo plant in Southeast Asia, coconut husk and cork products extracted from Portugal. They also expand on when they harvest the plants and how they allow for each of the sprouts to mature and provide ample time for the regrow period which gives me confidence that this company is not exploiting its resources like most others. In this surfboard the product is created entirely out of bamboo and is covered in a plant based epoxy resin to finish off look. In the end it of its life cycle the board breaks down to feed to earth. This environmentally friendly and biodegradable material is why I am giving this surfboard a positive rating.

How it's made:


Under their story section this sustainable company prides itself on recycling all their waste and turning into new and useful products. Left over scraps from the production of boards are used to create bamboo particle boards, charcoal water filters, and soil to build houses and crops in the local community. This giving back to the community mindset leads me to believe that they care for the people and the land that provides the company with profits. Regardless of how its made, the selling and shipping cost of these products from their facility can cause an increase in CO2 emissions just like any other company. Even with the shipping costs, I will still give this section high score because of their use of local resources.

Who makes it:


In terms of who works on harvesting and creating the surfboards the company implies that the local community works for them to create the boards. On their “Eco Friendly” page on the website you can see a photo of who the workers are. However this is not much detail about who exactly shapes the boards into their easy rider shape. Even with this lack of information I will still give this section a positive rating since the company gives back to the local community by providing them healthy soil through bamboo waste and clean water filters.