Spindrift Sparkling Water

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Katie Huston
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When it comes to sodas and other sparkling water options, Spindrift is definitely one of the better options for the environment. Their US grown fruits and no artificial flavoring really helped up their rating on the sustainability scale. In addition, many consumers questioned why Spindrift would not make a fully organic product, but Spindrift found that going fully organic would cause many environmental cost that would outweigh the benefits. I found this to be very interesting and important that while they may get more sales by going fully organic, Spindrift was not willing to do this because they were thinking in terms of environmental impact. By going organic, more land is needed for farming which leads to deforestation, and this causes the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to increase. On the other hand, non-organic foods involve the use of pesticides and fertilizers which can also be very harmful to the environment, so in terms of going organic being worse for the environment; this is still up for debate. I think that Spindrift could be taking the easy way out by highlighting the negative effects of going organic, but in the long run staying with a non-organic product may end up being more detrimental as the fertilizers and pesticides can end up in oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. Something Spindrift could do is look at the amount of crop yield organic versus non-organic strategies produce and compare this statistic, which would give evidence to back up whether organic versus non-organic is better for the environment. Lastly, Spindrift also highlights the concept of farm to table. The company wanted to create a product that was not chemically altered in any way but strictly farm to table, which is great. 

What it's made of:


Spindrift uses very few ingredients in their sparkling waters because the founder Bill Creelman didn't want any artificial flavoring or extra unneeded ingredients. This is important because artificial flavoring is synthesized in laboratories and often times comes from petroleum. Further, all of Spindrift's ingredients are non-GMO. Therefore, all ingredients are not treated with chemicals, no ingredients have been injected with growth hormones, and the ingredients are overall better for the environment. Spindrift has actually created the first sparkling water made with real fruit ever and the fruits are sourced from family farms in the US! Thus, the only ingredients in Spindrift's sparkling waters are: carbonated water, real squeezed fruit, and fruit puree. In terms of the can, aluminum is used. While aluminum is much better than plastic, it is still not great for the environment. The process of extracting aluminum from the Earth uses lots of machinery and plows up a lot of Earth's surface.

How it's made:


As stated before the fruit comes from family farms in the US. This fruit then gets squeezed and added to carbonated water. Carbonated water is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. Aluminum is extracted from the Earth, then thinned in order to be shaped into a can. While aluminum may be lost in scraps during the manufacturing process, these scrap can be used for new cans. In fact, recycled pieces make up a huge portion of the aluminum can. The downfall, however, that if people are not actively recycling, these aluminum cans will end up in landfills. Further, a large amount of energy/heat is used in aluminum can making. 

Who makes it:


Spindrift is currently only available in the US. It’s headquarters are just outside of Boston. They have a team of over 100 employees working for them. Most of the fruit used in their sparkling water comes from the West coast, with some coming from Michigan, Massachusetts, and Florida. The team travels to the sites of the farmers and are on site for every production run. However, Spindrift did not lay out the working conditions or equality in working conditions. They also did not discuss how well treated their farmers are and the ethnic diversity or anything along those lines. Therefore, this caused me to give them a lower rating in terms of who makes it.