SodaStream: 0.5 Liter My Only Bottle

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Elly Yang
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The “0.5 Liter My Only Bottle” by SodaStream is a multi-use water bottle that is compatible with SodaStream’s most Sparkling Water Makers. It is priced at $14.99 and has two colors to choose from, icy blue or pink. Aware of the environmental impacts of one-time-use plastic bottles, SodaStream advocates making soft drinks at home with local tap water to reduce the need for traditional store-bought beverages sold in single-use bottles. With less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste, less transport of bottled beverages and less carbon footprint, zero waste could be a better solution than recycling, considering that the Americans throw away 35 billion plastic bottles per year while approximately only 25% of the plastic produced in the US is recycled. Thus, an overall 1-planet rating is given to “0.5 Liter My Only Bottle” by SodaStream for its environmental awareness and sustainability pursuit. This product is a good choice if you are trying minimalism and practicing living a meaningful life with less, or want to help reduce single-use plastic bottles, or just simply enjoy sparkling water.

What it's made of:


The body of the bottle is made from BPA free (BPA/bisphenol A: a harmful chemical related to hormone disruption) and PET plastic (PET/polyethylene terephthalate: a material that is thermally stable, recyclable, and has better clarity and strength). The lid and base are made of stainless steel. It is dishwasher safe and reusable up to three years for bubbly drinks to withstand carbonating pressure, but it can be continued to use for flat water for as long as you like. A 1-planet rating is given to the “what it’s made of” criteria for an emphasis on usability despite the use of plastics.

How it's made:


The body of the bottle is made using injection stretch blow molding through which a preform is generated from thermoplastics and reformed into the final shape of the bottle. This process uses 10-15% less plastic and produces stronger and clearer bottles. The lid and base are made through metal stamping in which the steel is stamped into desired shapes and the edges are rounded to create smooth ends. A 1-planet rating is given to the “how it’s made” criteria for producing the body of the bottle with less plastic.

Who makes it:


SodaStream has 13 production facilities around the world. Before relocating to Southern Israel in 2015, SodaStream operated its primary manufacturing facility at West Bank, a controversial region between Israel and Palestine which brought SodaStream criticism for potentially being complicit in Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian and exploiting local cheap labor. A 0.5-planet rating is given to the “who makes it” criteria for SodaStream relocating yet historically not being very considerate of its site selections.