SLVR Maple Her SeaCell + Organic Cotton Hoodie

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Isabel Filipek
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“Who knew you could wear seaweed?!”

SLVR Maple struck me as unique as they are innovative with their materials and already have a sustainability ranking system of their own incorporated into their website. Browsing through their contents, sustainability appears as a vital and core marker to the company, as each individual product is ranked out of 5 based on their environmental and social impact score. The overall product ranking given by SLVR Maple is based upon 5 areas; Water Management, Sustainable Material, Waste Management, Energy Management and Manufacturing. The company itself maintains a 4.5 ranking, while the Her SeaCell + Organic Cotton Hoodie is ranked 5/5. SLVR Maple is committed to presenting education and current sustainability news in regards to apparel, highlighting eco-friendly materials, circularity initiatives and a commitment to sustainable fashion that goes beyond buying a piece of clothing!

What it's made of:


The Her SeaCell + Organic Cotton Hoodie is made of 80% Organic Cotton and 20% SeaCell. Organic Cotton does not use any pesticides or unnecessary material through the production process, and also uses 91% less water than traditional cotton during production processes. Using Organic Cotton also reduces levels of water pollution by 98% (compared to conventional cotton). Additionally, using Organic cotton also creates 46% fewer greenhouse gas emissions as well. The other material in the hoodie is SeaCell, which is made by mixing crushed seaweed with Lyocell (SLVR Maple does not state where they get their seaweed from). The end product of SeaCell is 100% biodegradable, and it sequesters CO2 from the oceans. SeaCell also contains high levels of antioxidants and protects skin from free radicals. As demonstrated through SLVR Maple’s 4.5 environmental and social impact company score, there is immense thought and precision in the creation of the sweatshirt. However, there is minimal information on the dyes or other chemicals used in the process.

The transparency and eco-consciousness presented in the simplicity of the materials in the Her SeaCell + Organic Cotton Hoodie are important to recognize, as they help highlight SLVR Maple’s commitment to transparency and maintaining the highest social impact + environmental sustainability rating possible.

How it's made:


SLVR Maple presents many unique initiatives as they look to increase the circularity of their materials and product line as well as looking for space to innovate within the distribution process. SLVR Maple packaging is reusable (up to 30-40 times) and has a return shipping label built into the packaging, making it convenient to send back the packaging for the company to reuse for others!  Alongside this, during the checkout process, each consumer has the opportunity to purchase carbon credits from 3 Degrees in order to offset the carbon on your shipping box. This costs an additional small fee (less than a dollar) to make the shipping and return process net zero. As a B-Corporation themselves, 3 Degrees is committed to being an advocate for the environment and innovating within the business space. Even with these strong initiatives and the fair trade certification, there is little information present about the actual production processes of the company, where they produce or how eco-friendly their methods are. This section score could be strengthened by providing increased transparency surrounding the SLVR Maple manufacturing process and the resources used throughout those stages. SLVR Maple does not state exactly whether their manufacturing + processing functions are carbon neutral, making their actual impact during their production phase unclear.

Who makes it:


While there aren’t any labor laws or ethics clearly or directly stated, SLVR Maple constantly reiterates how important it is that they support inclusion, diverse ideas, and those who work for their organization. Even with this, it can be determined through other programs in place that SLVR Maple places value and importance on the safety and livelihood of their employees. SLVR Maple maintains a commitment that 10% of the profits would be re-invested into the organization to uplift the garment workers. 

Continuing with their passion for positive business, SLVR Maple is also partnered with One Tree Planted, meaning that for every SLVR Maple product purchased, 1 tree will be planted. The company is also a part of 1% for the planet, meaning they will give 1% of their company profits back to environmental non-profits looking to make a difference. Through these environmental and economic efforts, SLVR Maple hopes to extend their impact beyond that of those with the ability to purchase their products. The company also has a section titled “Dive Deeper” where they facilitate articles written by various authors, curating and compiling a space where people can go to search for the latest sustainability news within fashion. By allowing prospective buyers or even just those interested in the progression of sustainability to browse, SLVR Maple puts in effort in attempting to connect people with research, thoughts and opinions in order to make the most well informed purchasing decisions.