Simply Soft Cotton Rounds

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Chloe Cho
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Although the cotton rounds incorporate sustainable materials, the lack of clarity over the manufacturing process and materials would rank it around half a planet since there doesn’t seem to be adequate transparency.  The cotton rounds are also single-use designs which contributes to overall waste as the cotton rounds are cheap to use.  Since the type of cotton used is also very unclear, it ranks low as if it were completely “all-natural” cotton, it could be helpful to identify what cotton type was used or whether it was organically certified.  Other than having the Seal of Cotton trademark, it could do better to establish how natural the cotton rounds are rather than claim it was all-natural.

What it's made of:


In the product description, the cotton rounds are stated to be “100% pure, natural, lint free cotton” and contains the Seal of Cotton trademark which signifies the product contains cotton materials.  Although to use the Seal of Cotton licensing trademark requires at least 100% cotton for home product categories, it is unclear what type of cotton is used.  The claim of natural cotton is slightly misleading as there are no mentions on whether organic cotton or another type of cotton was used to make the product.  The packaging is also resealable and can be recycled as it uses low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which is a thin plastic film and is typically collected from recycling bins from homes.

While using cotton is better for the environment and the plastic film can easily be recyclable, two planets are deducted because there lacks an organic cotton certification despite the use of the seal of cotton as it is very unclear what type of “natural” cotton is used.

How it's made:


The manufacturing process is very unclear in the product description and on the company’s website other than it being made in India.  As such, while the cotton used is supposedly all-natural and the bag is made of recyclable plastic, it would lose planets due to the lack of clarity and manufacturing transparency.

Who makes it:


The company, Simply Soft produces these cotton round products and are made in India.  The packaging label indicates it is manufactured for Medline Industries, Inc. in Northfield, Illinois which is a private American healthcare company that manufactures and distributes medical supplies.  Although the Simply Soft label is on the product, it is produced for the Medline Simply Soft beauty product line.

Planets are deducted based on the lack of transparency over which factories in India are producing the products since it was unclear in both the product description and company website.  It was also slightly misleading to search up the Simply Soft company as the Medline Simply Soft beauty product line appears to be a separate product division for Simply Soft products entirely as the Simply Soft company produces home products such as bedsheets.  It would do better to differentiate the two brands as well as establish which factories in India are producing the product to further examine the supply chain process and working conditions.