SiiZu Giada Floral Hoop

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Elaine Lor
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Once again, to my dissappointment and probably the FBI agent watching through my selfie camera, I fell for one of the personalized ads on instagram. Specifically, the Sizzu Giada Floral Hoop earrings. It’s been in my screenshot for about a year and I caved into buying it a couple months ago. I vaguely remember them saying they were a sustainable brand, so I’m interested in seeing how “sustainable” they actually are. 

What it's made of:


SiiZu keeps it simple with their material list of eco resin and brass + 14K gold plated. Once I saw the word “eco”, you know I got excited and I didn’t even know there were two types of resin till I did more research. Apparently resin used in jewelry is one of two types, either synthetic (non-biodegradable) types or eco-friendly resin which is sustainable and non-toxic. Synthetic resin is made of fossil fuels and it’s extremely difficult to get rid of, usually through a strict burning process that leads to the release of toxic chemicals. So I thought it was really cool that my first encounter with resin in jewelry was eco-freindly. However, it’s important to note that brass gold plated doesn’t last long and eventually tarnishes within two years. So depending on the consumer, if you’re looking to invest and buy something that’ll last a decent amount of time, the Giada Floral Hoop earrings might not be the best option. I would also suggest to SiiZuto be more open about the type of packaging they use because I can’t find anything on the website. While I did really love the eco-resin, I have to take into account the missing details on packaging and the longevity of gold plated brass. 

How it's made:


As for the manufacturing process, again there’s not a lot of information. I was able to find on their website that they mainly make their jewelry in NYC and also have a few select pieces made in Hong Kong. However, they don’t specify which pieces. There’s also no information about where they source these materials for their jewelry. Their “about“ is mainly about discussing the sustainability of their clothing, but not their jewelry. I think it’s odd because SiiZu demonstrated that they know how to be transparent and know how to use sustainable practices for their clothing, but completely throw it all away when it comes to jewelry. So without any more information, its hard for me to give them any type of positive rating. 

Who makes it:


SiiZu manufactures it’s jewelry in NYC and some in Hong Kong, but don’t go into any more detail after that. They’re just giving me the bare minimum and I’d really like to see some guidelines about their working conditions and ethics. They include pictures from their factories, but that doesn’t tell me anything. I feel like they have a lot of potential to do better and it would be great to see more transparency for their jewelry factories. One positive is that SiiZu mentions donating to the American Forest to help reach their goal of planting 2.7 million trees across 44 different projects. Still there’s still a lot of missing information and it would be great to see an improvement in more sustainable practices for their jewelry.