Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

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Isaiah Fowler
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think Schmidt’s is good company that makes efforts at being transparent. I like how they use SmartLabel to disclose a lot of information on their products and even how to recycle them. However, I think they need to be more transparent about their supply chain and in their manufacturing process. I always love to see companies give back, which is why I was happy to see that Schmidt’s partnered with Trans Justice Funding Project in 2019.

What it's made of:


Schmidt’s is completely made of natural ingredients that are ethical, sustainable and inclusive. According to Ecocert, the world’s leading specialist in the certification of natural products, Schmidt’s is the first and only certified natural deodorant in the US with 100% natural origin ingredients. In order to qualify for Ecocert, you need to meet a number of requirements including: No GMOs, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, synthetic fragrances and dyes, as well as recyclable packaging, environmentally friendly sourced ingredients and an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Schmidt’s is also certified cruelty free and vegan by Leaping Bunny and Vegan Action, respectively. I really admire Schmidt’s commitment to transparency; you can really tell by their use of SmartLabel. SmartLabel is an online database that gives consumers a way to digitally access more detailed product information. Schmidt’s uses SmartLabel so the consumer can see what ingredients are used in their fragrances as well as any known allergens.

How it's made:


When Schmidt’s first began, Jamie started making the natural products out of her kitchen. They don’t share much information on how its manufactured now, other than that its certified by Ecocert. Ecocert validates how the product is received in the factory, the manufacturing process, waste management, shipment and even the artwork on their packaging and marketing materials. It sounds like the certification is thorough, but I hope in the future Schmidt’s can be more transparent in their eco-friendly manufacturing process. Also, when I was looking at all of Schmidt’s certifications and the requirements to obtain them, I noticed that none of them mentioned equitable practices in their supply chain. To me it looks like they're only focusing on the environmental aspect of their products, but you can't consider your product sustainable without ensuring the social aspect of it as well.

Who makes it:


Jamie Schmidt founded the company in 2010 then about 5 years later Michael Cammarata became a co-founder and then the CEO two years after that. Currently Schmidt’s is a subsidiary of Unilever with Ryu Yokoi as the CEO. Although Schmidt’s has made a few administrative changes, it seems their mission of providing all natural environmentally friendly products has stayed the same.