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Olivia Cohen
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Saxon Clothing UK designs custom sport clothing for cricket, hockey, netball and rugby teams, with all of their items being designed and manufactured in the UK. They produce a wide variety of items, with a range of purposes, to ensure that the team is comfortable before, during, and after the match. Additionally, the items they produce are stylish and highly customisable in order to fit the exact specifications of your design.


However, Saxon Clothing UK lacks transparency across the entirety of their business, with little to no information provided on their sourcing, manufacturing practices, shipping or sustainability. This has resulted in them having a very low score. I emailed the company for more information, currently waiting for a response. 

What it's made of:


Saxon Clothing fails to make their information easily accessible, making it difficult to decipher what is in their products.  The clothing they produce is mainly polyester based, with some items also being made from spandex and lycra. However, the percentage breakdown of what each item contains is not provided. Additionally, they don’t provide information on where the material is sourced from, where the material is produced, or how sustainable the material is.


From the information they did provide, the materials they use are synthetic fibres which all have a negative environmental impact as they are derived from fossil fuels. However, fossil fuel derived fabrics are very common in clothing designed for sports. Therefore, it may be necessary to use these synthetic materials for performance wear in order to make them long lasting and durable (fit for purpose). Nonetheless, it would be good to see recycled versions of textiles used,  as well as significantly more information about their products. Additionally, they could also look into companies that are working to create sustainable materials for durability and performance.

How it's made:


Again, Saxon Clothing UK provides no information on the production process of their clothing apart from that it is produced in the UK. Moreover, they fail to mention sustainability at all on their website. 


From the information available, they ship their items via DPD. This is a good courier to use as they are making steps to becoming more sustainable, using electric vehicles to deliver their goods and tracking their air pollution. However, they didn’t provide information on how they package their clothing e.g. whether they use plastic, cardboard boxes or packing paper. This lack of information leaves another gap in analysing their environmental impact.


Due to the lack of transparency and lack of information, I can’t provide Saxon clothing with a good score, leading me to give them a 0 for how it’s made.


Who makes it:


The kits are designed and manufactured on site, in Malvern. Again, there is little information provided. However, as they are a UK based brand that produces their products here, I can assume they manufacture their goods according to UK regulations. This means that they would comply with regulations for safe working conditions and minimum wage laws.