Savage x Fenty Floral Lace Unlined Bra

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Lauren Stiles
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I have been very happy with the quality of Savage x Fenty bras though the membership on their website can be quite confusing. With the membership, you get really good discounts on bras but you also sign up to pay 50 dollars a month which is then applied as store credit to buy things on the site. There is the option to skip this payment early in the month, which is what works for me every time. Even with cancelling the payments each month, you can still get the discounts, which is good. Also, I like that you can see how the bras fit on different models with varying cup sizes on the website. Unfortunately, this brand does not provide a sufficient level of transparency to provide better insight into the sustainability of their products. Therefore, I am inclined to assume the worst since if sustainable practices were being used they would very likely be highlighted on the website.

What it's made of:


The body of this bra is made of 74% Polyamide, 15% Polyester, and 11% Elastane. The cup lining is made of 100% Polyamide. Each of these materials are synthetic. Synthetic fabrics are often produced from oil, which means that this product has roots in the extremely unsustainable fossil fuel industry. In addition, synthetic fabrics are not biodegradable and release microfibers every time they are washed. These microfibers eventually find their way into freshwater streams, rivers, and the ocean, causing damage to aquatic ecosystems. Unfortunately, synthetic fabrics are not sustainable in their production, usage, or disposal. I am quite disappointed to see that Savage x Fenty chose to use these materials to make this bra. According to the description on the website, this bra is imported though it does not say from where. Savage x Fenty does not disclose any other information about specific supply chains or where the materials are sourced from. Since there is no transparency about the materials used, this bra receives a low sustainability rating in this category. This score could be improved by providing information about where exactly each product is made and where each material is sourced, maybe even using an interactive map on the website.

How it's made:


The TechStyle Fashion Group does make a brief statement about sourcing, mentioning that they use an Ethical Sourcing Code that emphasizes legal work and wages as well as a safe working environment. They say that this code includes “environmental protection and security” but fail to elaborate on the specifics of what this means. They also mention that they periodically audit the third party vendors to make sure that they are in compliance with the Ethical Sourcing Code. This code is very vague and outlines the bare minimum of regulations that need to be in place to protect workers. There is no transparency regarding exact supply chains and production facilities, which is not good. Savage x Fenty should provide consumers with more information on production methods in order to improve transparency and allow us to evaluate the company’s sustainability.

Who makes it:


Savage x Fenty is a lingerie company started by Rihanna and owned by the larger TechStyle Fashion Group. Savage x Fenty prides itself on inclusivity, promoting this idea by using photos on their website with models of different sizes, genders, and races. The company makes no mention of sustainable initiatives, or any sustainable goals at all. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the workers who make their lingerie either. It is good that Savage x Fenty emphasizes inclusivity, but unfortunately this does not make them environmentally sustainable. Therefore, I am unable give them a good sustainability rating. Additionally, the Good on You website gives them a 0 ethical/sustainability rating, citing lack of transparency as well.


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