River Organic Dark Eyebrow Wax

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Elaine Lor
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Before I became well versed in sustainability, I thought making the package recyclable was the golden standard. If I’d heard about River Organic and their eco-friendly packaging and their biodegradable sugar cane label, I would’ve thought they were true pioneers for sustainability. However, that’s not the case anymore. Sustainability shouldn’t be tied down to just one aspect of a products life cycle, but all of it. So while I see that River Organic is trying to be more eco friendly, there’s definitely lots of room for improvement.

What it's made of:


When I look at the River Organic’s ingredient list, all I see is hydration. There’s some shea butter, candelilla wax (skin conditioner), and golden jojoba oil, everything my eyebrows need. Compared to other mainstream brands, this ingredient list was incredibly easy to read. There’s also the added bonus of being vegan and cruelty free. The only small issue I found is that I wish they were more specific about which cruelty certification they had. However, I fortunately ended up finding them on “leaping bunny” list, which is the best cruelty free certification a brand can get.

Another plus is that their website was also specific about the type of packaging used as well. They use eco friendly paper packaging made of recycled newspaper and biodegradable labels. It was nice to see them being transparent about the packaging and shipping materials, but there's nothing about the actual product and what to do with it once it's been used. I'd like to see that transparency applied to the actual eyebrow product enclosure.

Like a bag a chips with 50% air, sometimes makeup products tend to have more packaging than the actual makeup. So I really liked River Organics approach about using every single amount of space inside the tube.
Overall I acknowledge River Organic’s effort in clean ingredients and sustainable packaging, but there’s definitely some room for improvement.

How it's made:


Once again, another makeup company that gives zero information about how they get their materials. River Organics puts a lot of effort on being transparent about the "after" of the makeup product, but not necessarily the before and middle. So until there's more transparency, I can't give them a higher rating.

Who makes it:


Different makeup brand, but same old story. There's no information about where they manufacture, who works for them, and how they treat their workers. I'd like to note that their website has carbon offset donations and renewable energy investments, but it doesn't really makeup for the fact that they have no information about how they treat their workers.
I really wanted to like River Organics, but you can’t just use recycled packaging and call it a day. So until there's more transparency on their workers, there's no reason for me to give them a better rating.