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Hollie Banks
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Rival Kit is a company that produces specialized sports kits for activities such as rowing, sailing and netball. It was founded by University of Edinburgh alumni Ryan Morrison and Jenny Stevenson in 2017, and they intended to create a custom sportswear brand that offers a less restrictive bulk buying process than alternative choices. Rival Kit claims to be looking for more sustainable options for their manufacturing and distribution processes and offers little insight into the sustainability of their practices other than that.

I reached out to rival kit via an email asking for further information about how exactly they are attempting to become more sustainable and what systems they have in place currently, but have received no reply as of writing this. 

What it's made of:


Rival Kit uses many different materials in their specialised kits, including polyester, neoteric fabric and elastane. All of the aforementioned are non-biodegradable materials that stay in landfills. In contrast, the use of ringspun cotton is promising in some of their products, as this is a natural and eco-friendly material. Increasing their dependence on materials such as ring-spun cotton and similarly sustainable fabrics would increase their rating highly.

How it's made:


There is very little information on the Rival Kit website surrounding where they source their materials and where products are produced. This often shows a lack of transparency, however, being a small business I can understand it is difficult to have this information readily available. Moving forward, including detailed information about the manufacturing processes is necessary to improve Rival Kit’s transparency and sustainability, as this information was not available for me to find.

Who makes it:


Inclusivity is mentioned prominently in the ‘about us’ section of the website, with a focus on providing a kit that is of good quality but is also affordable. This is clear in the products listings, as they offer a “pride and pronouns” collection which include kit with various LGBT+ flags.

I could not find any information surrounding Rival Kit’s code of conduct or policies surrounding their labour ethics.