Reynold's Brand - 100% Recycled Aluminum Break

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Sarah Kern
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Reynolds is a nationally recognized household name here in the USA. The brand is specifically known for its aluminum foil which can be used for cooking, baking, and wrapping up delicious meals. Reynolds takes pride in its locally sourced aluminum and production processes. The Reynolds Wrap Recycled Aluminum Foil is one of the first recycled foils that were available on the market, helping Americans to limit their negative environmental footprint one meal at a time. It sells for $8 per roll as compared to the average $3 per roll for non-recycled foil. Is it worth the price? That’s up to you... so the next time you go to the market to buy aluminum foil, keep an eye out for the blue and green Reynolds Wrap box and consider joining the life cycle of this sustainable take on aluminum foil.

What it's made of:


Reynolds Wrap Recycled Aluminum Foil is made up of 100% recycled aluminum. It is essentially a repurposed version of the Reynolds Everyday Aluminum Foil, which is made out of 98.5% aluminum, or bauxite. The other 1.5% is made up of other elements, mostly iron and silicon, that enhance the strength and durability of the foil. Aluminum is not a very environmentally friendly metal to obtain, but this recycled foil helps to reduce the energy cost during production by 90%. Additionally, the core and packaging of the foil are made out of 100% recycled paper with water-based inks. This makes it easy for users to recycle at home and minimize waste. It is important to note that aluminum cannot be recycled in every recycling program, so consumers must check in with their local recycling regulations to ensure that this aluminum foil can be recycled… again!

How it's made:


Regular aluminum foil requires tons of energy to produce. To begin, bauxite is mined from the ground, a process that damages the surrounding water sources, land, and air quality. This threatens the stability of the communities working at and living near the mines, communities that are disproportionately composed of minorities. This bauxite is then mixed with other metal alloys in huge quantities and this mixture is melted together in a process called smelting. It requires tons of energy to melt the metals together, leaving a high carbon footprint associated with aluminum production. Eventually, this molten liquid is rolled into sheets of foil, creating an aluminum wrap. It is important to note that the Reynolds Recycled Aluminum Foil is made from 100% recycled aluminum. The actual mining of aluminum certainly causes the most harmful environmental and social impacts during the process. Therefore, recycled aluminum reduces the negative effects of the production of aluminum foil by about 90%, which is huge. In comparison to the regular foil, this 100% recycled foil is a much more environmentally friendly alternative.

Who makes it:


The Reynolds brand is committed to making its products with materials that are ethically sourced from and produced in the United States. They value the importance of USA-made products and even try to recruit veterans and their families to work in their factories to support the American people. Not only is this demonstrative of their commitment to creating a sense of community, but shows how they aim to provide employment opportunities to those who are often left without proper support following deployment. Reynolds 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil shows that the brand cares about creating products that have the least environmental impact possible, and is easily recyclable in households so that their consumers can contribute to the recycling process. However, they are continuing to manufacture non-recycled foil as well, which requires the mining of new aluminum and has a negative environmental impact that Reynolds is surely aware of. I suggest that they lean into the 100% recycled foil to make their brand have a greater positive impact than it already does. This small family business grew into a national household name, and its culture of investing in American suppliers and employees goes to show that Reynolds is a brand that cares.