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Sadie Chavez
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Result is a clothing brand best utilized for warm layers and recycled materials. They emphasize throughout their website that they do their best to minimize waste and keep plastic from getting to the landfills. They attempt to produce ethical, sustainable products that require less emissions and less energy in the process. They are very transparent about their goals as they provide several links to each of their partners, and pdf documents about their policies. However,there is always room for improvement and there are a few missing details about their brand.

What it's made of:


Their products from the recycled collection are made of a variety of materials. Most of which are based upon recycled or renewable plant based materials. Their fleece feel products are made of a sustainable yarn made from recycled water bottles and other similar plastics. In other styles, they use a renewable plant-based material as the filling for products such as jackets. Another form of filling they utilize is a Repreve filling made from recycled plastic bottles. They use Natulon recycled zippers made from a chemically recycled process. They stated that their garments are made of 100% recycled materials, while their hats are made of 50%. They do not specify why they can not make the hats 100% as well. It is believable that most of their materials are made from the sustainable materials they explain throughout their website, although it can be questioned which materials they use that aren’t made of recycled materials.

How it's made:


On the ‘Recycled Explained’ page, Result describes the step by step process for their fabrics for how they go from plastic water bottles to a recycled garment. PET recycled plastics, usually water bottles, are shredded into flakes and processed to create a fiber. They spin the fiber into a sustainable yarn which can then be used directly to produce a garment, such as a fleece jacket. The labels and trims of each product are made of recycled material when possible. Of course, the extent of their recycled products are limited to recycled materials they initially have, so the products they advertise as “100% recycled” can’t be completely true. Nonetheless, considering the variety of partners they have to help produce the materials they need to support their brand, most of their partners are also sustainable driven brands such as REPREVE®, TOPGREEN® and PERPETUAL©. As for the packaging, they also emphasize their use of recycled materials. They use an oxo-biodegradable plastic which will degrade after 6-12 months and will leave no trace of microplastics. Outside their control, they encourage their supply partners to enforce environmental practices. Although encouragement is powerful, it can be hoped that they would not be partnered with corporations that ignore their encouragement. Fortunately, as stated earlier, most of their partners attempt to pursue eco-friendly standards.

Who makes it:


Result recruits employees directly through hiring managers. They provide equal opportunities no matter the race, gender, sex, etc and work under non discriminatory practices. They state that their employees get minimum wage specific to each region. Their suppliers are European or International organizations. They do not specify how the employees are treated under those operations, although they do mention that they complete risk assessments with the suppliers and have contracts that enable them to have a say in what the supply chains do so they have somewhat a control to prevent slavery. Result states that they will willingly terminate any contract with a supplier given the idea that the supplier participates with slavery. They organize under an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy to ensure that their employees are working under ethical conditions. They also mention, “Ultimate responsibility for the commitment and prevention of modern slavery sits with the Board of Directors…” It can be appreciated that they emphasize the responsibility on the Board. This reveals that they are conscious of where the corporation can go wrong, and who would be accountable. It would however help if they specified what they do to keep the Board from making poor choices that don’t align with the intentions the brand states. Although they are transparent with the policies they work by and their relationships with the employer, it’d be great if they could specify more about the conditions of the workplace their employees work in.