Renpure: Apple Cider Vinegar*Clarify + Shine Shampoo*

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Asia Juarez
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DONT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY, they do not seem to work on their mistakes, they are aware of mistakes made and give the impression they are natural when they are not . I want to purchase from a company that is transparent about their products. Putting items in my hair that are not ecofriendly nor are they good for my hair is upsetting. Their products are harmful for consumers and environement, and looks as if they do not plan to change their ingredient list anytime soon.

What it's made of:


The packaging is in a plastic bottle which is number 1, which is more likely than other bottled to be recycled but not guaranteed to be a full circle product. the numerous ingredients listed, the main one that caught my eye is Cocamidopropyl Betaine, i searched that one ingredient and the environmental impact it has on the aquatic system is horrible. The residues may have long-lasting effects on aqueous organisms. It affects the habitat they live in because the lathering agents have residues that are extremely time needy to remove. They also have included fragrance which is not natural. There have been two lawsuits made against them for their false advertising of natural products, settled in April of last year, and since it has been a year it’s easy to say they either have a lot of product to dispose of, or they’re going to continue with false advertising. The other case was their hairspray being over the allowed amount of voc and they were to pay California Air Pollution Control Fund 33K. They no longer sell that product.

How it's made:


I have no clue what they make it with or what everything is sourced from, but judging by the ingredient list. It is yet another disappointment. They market everything as natural, chemical free! well, that can never be true because everything that exists in this planet is made up of chemicals, even the cleanest water! They could instead list their ingredients are sulfate, paraben free, etc. which they already do, and remove the plant natural statement completely. it is science, and they use the term chemical to give off the illusion that their products are not toxic smelling or poisonous products. 

Who makes it:


Off the start, there is very little to no sourcing of where this company sources their production from. I have went to three different search engines in means of collecting information and nothing! I have found who owns the company, renpure, which is mav beauty products but when lead to their site, only info i could find was about how to invest of stock of theirs. No transparency at all.