Ray-Ban Sunglasses (Aviator Classic)

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Isabel Armitage
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Ray-Bans “supports” ethical practices on their website and have a “TRANSPARENCY IN SUPPLY CHAIN DISCLOSURE” page, and they “promote the safeguarding of workers' rights, trade union freedom and freedom of association in general” but these statements say very little. It is difficult to find information regarding their factories overseas, and the “transparency” page is not very transparent.

What it's made of:


These sunglasses are said to be very durable and will not become waste for a long time. The frame of these sunglasses is metal, and the lenses are made with glass, plastic, and polycarbonate. Some of its parts are reused when returned to the company to create chairs when melted, which is a process that does release a lot of gas. However, most of these sunglasses are thrown into landfills, and not every part is reusable.

How it's made:


Ray-Ban conducts much of its business online with e-commerce, and distributes the sunglasses all over the world using trucks, boats, planes. They outsource work to factories in China and do some of the manufacturing in Italy, and is quite difficult to find any information regarding working conditions or wages here. They claim that “regular training is a part of employment, including that related to compliance with the law. Specific training relating to human trafficking and slavery and mitigation of the risk of such practices with the supply chain is in the process of development,” which indicates that this training does not sufficiently take place at the company and is indeed needed.

Who makes it:


Italian men run the parent company Luxottica, and the sunglasses are individually made by workers in China and Italy in large factories. Their headquarters is in Milan, Italy, and their Retail headquarters is in Ohio.

Ray-Bans are extremely expensive and therefore not accessible. They have been criticized for corporate consolidation and monopolizing the market as a company, but do own EyeMed Vision Care, which is a medical vision care facility.