Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

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Kristian Sabatino
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Ray Bans are durable, well made, quality sunglasses. They should be a longterm investment given its high pricing. However, since their products are assembled and manufactured scattered across the world. Large carbon footprints in transport are left as a result of the mass production of their products. Additionally, there is little information on labor and working laws in Ray Ban factories which makes it hard to asses if “who makes it” really is treated well and is given good working conditions. For this reason I will give the Ray Ban 1/3 Planets as a result of good quality, but can improve on centralizing their manufacturing and transparency.

What it's made of:


The Ray Ban Clubmasters are one one of Ray-Bans most famous designs and best sellers. The Frame is made of Acetate which is the most common material in sunglass manufacturing and can be used as a reclycable plastic depending on where it was sourced. Since acetate is a durable and longlasting plastic, it does encourage and preserve the longevity/lifespan of owning a pair of Ray Bans. Additionally, I think the price and quality encourages the buyer to make an investment and likely take care of their sunglasses which increases its longevity and avoids more plastic disposal. The standard lenses that come with the Clubmasters are Ray Bans classic G-15 lenses. However, the G-15 lenses are not polarized and are made of basic plastic materials. The name G-15 simply means “G“ for green (the color of the lenses) and ”15” for letting 15% of visible light through the lens. Since the lenses are not polarized, they do not block out evident glair.

How it's made:


In the following video an executive Luxottica developer explains the processes of manufacturing Ray Bans. Although the sunglasses in this video are different from the Clubmasters, the video does give great illustration and transparency to how their products are made. Yet, an expensive product and brand like Ray Ban, I think should/would have more human hand made craft than machinery as illustrated in the video. (link to video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxOUH5gU9bw

Who makes it:


The owner of Ray Ban is Essilor Luxottica, a French/italian coorperation that specializes in eye wear and owns other various large sunglasses companies like Oakley. The Clubmasters are one of many models by Ray Ban that are made in China. Essilor Luxottica the manufacturer of Ray Ban has factories in China and in Italy. Although the Clubmasters are not made in Italy, the products are made the same way in both countries. They use the same materials and machines for manufacturing, so there is no quality deficiency in the Chinese factories which concerns many buyers. Considering Ray ban is such a high demand and large sunglasses company. They have a worldwide distribution that does leave a large carbon footprint due to vast amounts of imports and exports across the world from factories in China, Italy and assembly in the United States. Here is a graph illustrating the Carbon footprint in kilograms from transportation for Ray Ban aviators.


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