Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

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Lisa Saruwatari
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I love the company’s message as I believe it to be incredibly important, but when it comes to sustainability, Rare Beauty comes quite short. I feel like there are many ways to make small efforts towards a more sustainable brand, but there is no information on their website. The ingredients were the only component I was able to analyze since there are no other statements about their environmental impact. I do love that they are cruelty free and vegan, but it is the only sustainable part of their brand in my opinion. Pros: cruelty free, paraben free, company values regarding mental health Cons: no mention of sustainability, very little transparency

What it's made of:


This foundation is cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free. However, it contains PEG-10 Dimethicone and any PEG compounds should be avoided in cosmetics. It can contaminated with pollutants such as lead. These compounds can also be contaminated by ethylene oxide which is a human carcinogen. This foundation also contains ingredients like isohexadecane which can be an environmental toxin and has the ability to bioaccumulate. I still rated it as a 1.5/3 planets because the ingredients are stated as safe to use in cosmetics, but they still are not great ingredients considering environmental and health concerns. I also marked down on the fact that it does not seem like the packaging is striving to be sustainable. Many companies are moving towards post recycled plastic or recyclable packaging so it would’ve been great to see that this brand did the same.

How it's made:


The website does not disclose any information regarding the product manufacturing which leads me to be a bit skeptical. It’s also important to me when companies pay living wages or make an effort toward racial and gender equity which there is not mentioned on Rare Beauty’s website. Other products and brands I have looked into are also lacking in this category so it is not too shocking, but I would’ve loved to see more transparency here.

Who makes it:


Selena Gomez is the founder of this company where they want to celebrate individuality and self acceptance. The company prides themselves on supporting the mental health of their employees and partners and wants to reduce the stigma revolving mental health. 1% of every purchase goes to the Rare Impact Fund that is aiming to create more access to mental health resources. A great part of their website is that there is a list of resources regarding mental health. However, on their website there is no mention on sustainability or their environmental impact which strays me away from the brand.


https://www.rarebeauty.com/products/liquid-touch-weightless-foundation https://www.rarebeauty.com/pages/about