Quokka Brew Original Oat Milk Latte

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Alyssa Young
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The main product was clearly given much careful thought. However, the consequences of the processes that go into the product lack adequate attention. This company has not shown genuine and thorough care for its environmental impact. Deficiency in information is the reason for the majority of my low-scoring.

What it's made of:


At first look, the ingredients of the beverage seem harmless. It is hard to tell whether they actually are, due to the lack of information.  The listed key ingredients are: fair trade cold brew coffee, oat milk, blueberry extract, green tea leaf extract, L-Theanine, and ginseng. The original product contained almond milk instead. Since almond milk is more resource-intensive than oat milk, I appreciate this change. Ginseng is also a new addition, but is not much of a concern in terms of sustainability. Blueberry leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, and L-Theanine are also relatively sustainable. As a whole, the latte is both vegan and organic.

As advertised, the latte is contained in an aluminum can, which is widely recyclable. This is a step up from the more-resource-intensive glass bottle sealed with plastic. Typically, Quokka Brew bottles were shipped in cool-lined boxes along with a reusable ice pack and 100% biodegradable packing peanuts. The new brew, however, does not need to be refrigerated. Thus, the packaging will likely be more sustainable. I would appreciate up-front transparency about this in the future, despite the great customer service I received so far.

I personally looked forward to consuming this product to kick-start my days of productivity. I enjoyed the flavor and healthy make-up. Around five dollars (including shipping and other fees) is not too different from a typical visit to Starbucks. Given that it contains 135 mg of caffeine (1.5 cups of coffee worth of energy), one would be much less inclined to fix-up another cup of coffee later in the day. The other unique ingredients provide additional health benefits that make this even more worth it!

How it's made:


There is currently no clear information about where Quokka Brew sources materials and makes their products. This area could use the most amount of transparency from the company.

Who makes it:


Quokka Brew was started by UC Berkeley students, and is therefore based in the city. Overall, sustainability does not seem to be the main priority of the company. Every order comes with a handful of stickers. Many features are meant to enhance the customer’s experience, but do not weigh its environmental impact as highly. One of the CEOs did listen to my previous concerns about the sustainability of their product, and have shown serious consideration in this new product. However, I believe that they should spend more time on reporting their impact and making improvements.