Pure Leaf Sweet Tea

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Eva Fenningdorf
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Overall, Pure Leaf lives up to their brand name by providing an ethical and sustainably produced product. Their transparency within their supply chain of tea and emphasis on responsible growing and brewing practices makes the consumer rightly feel good about supporting this brand. Going forward, Pure Leaf has the resources and infrastructure to increase their sustainability by moving away from plastic bottles, and they should be more clear about their other supply chains. It seems as though Pure Leaf is making a real effort to incorporate sustainability into their brand, and this contributes to their overall high score.

What it's made of:


There are three ingredients in this product which are brewed tea, sugar, and citric acid. Pure Leaf provides information about where they source each type of tea for their products and provide consumers with information as specific as the exact area of the reserve. This amount of transparency in the tea supply chain is not very common, making this product uniquely sustainable. However, they are not as clear about where they source their sugar from and the farming practices behind its production which lowers their score in this category. The one thing that truly stands out about this product is that all tea Pure Leaf uses in their products is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified estates which incorporate social, economic, and environmental responsibility.

How it's made:


Pure Leaf is surprisingly sustainable in how they manufacture their sweet tea. They explain that they work hard to reduce their environmental impact of growing by planting native trees and using hydroelectric power. This is great, but it’s unclear as to how much of their energy consumption comes from hydropower or how much they use renewable energy for the rest of the manufacturing process. An aspect that could greatly improve their score in this category is if they switched their bottling practices to solely glass bottles and move away from plastic, albeit if they are recyclable. Pure Leaf’s cold brew iced tea is bottled in glass bottles, so it would make sense and increase the sustainability of their products if they expanded this bottle to all of their drinks.

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Pure Leaf has an entire section on their webpage dedicated to sustainability and they make it very easy to access the information. This is very commendable because many food and beverage corporations are not forthcoming about their sustainability measures and Pure Leaf makes it very easy and obvious. This might be because they are taking sustainability measures seriously and want consumers to feel like they are buying an ethical and responsibly produced product. Pure Leaf is taking sustainability seriously and they too fall under the umbrella of PepsiCo, which has been making progress towards being environmentally conscious.