Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea

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Emily Dobson
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I have been using Pure Chimp’s matcha for the past few months and think it's a great product and you get a good amount of matcha for the amount you pay. You also know that they are using recyclable packaging and really are trying their best to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. The one thing that does bring my rating down for each section and hence my overall rating score is the fact that their website does not have information about their labour practices or generally a lot of information about their products in general.

What it's made of:


Pure Chimp’s Matcha is made of 100% finely ground ceremonial grade matcha leaves. This is the best kind of matcha out there is and being ceremonial grade is even better. Whilst their matcha is not organic since they use non-organic fertilizers, it is grown without pesticides and is grown in Kagoshima, Japan. In their detailed FAQ section, they make it clear that their product does not contain any traces of lead and it is all tested in Japan before being shipped over to the UK. All of Pure Chimp’s products are also palm oil-free.

How it's made:


There isn't a lot of information available about how Pure Chimp makes their matcha but generally, the process involves picking the tea leaves and then grinding them up into a powder. It is that easy and that simple and is the way in which all the antioxidants of the leaves get preserved. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, Pure Chimp uses glass, aluminium, compostable pouch or card to store their products and use recyclable mailers to ensure that all materials can ultimately be recycled or even reused. One thing that does have an effect on the rating for how it's made section is the fact that they have to ship the matcha from Japan, which will ultimately add to greenhouse gases.

Who makes it:


Pure Chimp makes it clear that they are doing their best to ensure that they are being as environmentally friendly as possible whilst making great quality products. On their ‘Charity and Morals’ section of their website they inform viewers that they use all-natural ingredients, plant one tree per online order, use recyclable packaging and also donate 5% of their profits to charity.


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