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Josephine Collier
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Overall, Plus Body Wash is great at what their mission sets out to do. They have successfully created a plastic free body wash with sustainable ingredients and water dissolving packaging. They also acknowledge how their business produces carbon emissions and how they counteract their emissions and their intention to do more in the future to fight climate change. However, it’s unfortunate to see no mention of how they treat their employees which is frustrating because you have to wonder what the experiences of their employees is. 

What it's made of:


This body wash is made from plenty of reliable ingredients and has no fillers, sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Plus body wash has a few base ingredients, such as eucalyptus leaf oil, which is a highly beneficial ingredient to helping aid in pain relief, respiratory health, and softens skin. Plus Body Wash also contains aloe leaf, which is a plant based ingredient that helps with skin care and is typically used pure from the plant. Sweet almond oil is also a great ingredient, as it is packed with lots of vitamins and is great for skin care and heart health. Their last main ingredient is shea butter, which also creates healthier skin. All of these main ingredients are natural and are good for the environment. Most of the other ingredients, with a few exceptions, are non toxic for the environment, which is great! The packaging dissolves in water and is compostable!

How it's made:


Plus Body Wash is vegan, cruelty free, and Leaping Bunny certified, a reliable certification that means Plus does not test on animals! However, their website does not discuss the manufacturing process in depth. With many package-free soaps and body washes, how they’re made can involve practices that are not very sustainable. Obtaining materials in order to be manufactured may not be sustainable, as they may use machinery that emits CO2, defeating the purpose of their product altogether. If they source their materials from many different places, the emissions that come from the shipping of materials back and forth may also be unsustainable. While they may put on a front that they are sustainable, by omitting their practices they may be purposefully hiding their unsustainable manufacturing process. However, the company is working hard to fight climate change by lowering their carbon emissions. They have partnered with Pachama forest improvement to reduce their own carbon emissions. Pachama is a project working to remove carbon from the atmosphere through means like populating forests. They understand that they may not be the most sustainable and are working to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Who makes it:


Plus does not mention on their website how they plan to or how they have created a positive and safe work environment. It is imperative that we see more transparency from them about how they treat their employees and what ways they actively fight inequality in the workplace. This is dangerous since small businesses, like Plus Body Wash, can be at risk of mistreating their employees. Studies show that small businesses are more likely to offer fewer benefits to their employees than larger companies. Plus Body Wash employees may be subject to these conditions. Furthermore, as a part of the missing information on manufacturing practices, employees could suffer from poor manufacturing practices. We need to know what’s going on over at Plus Body Wash.