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Josephine Collier
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Overall, Planet Oat’s Oatmilk is not only creamy and delicious, but is also sustainably made. However, it’s very frustrating and suspicious to see that they do not have statements regarding their work environment and how they support their employees. Though Planet Oat has a low environmental impact, I would like to see more information given on their manufacturing process and their employee benefits, payment, and maintenance of a healthy workplace. We cannot trust their ethicality if they do not provide evidence to prove that they are ethical. 

What it's made of:


Planet Oat Oatmilk original oatmilk only consists of a few ingredients. Of course, you start out with oats, which are sourced in North America, and water, the basis of oat milk, but we also see a few extra ingredients on this list. Calcium carbonate, which is a basic chemical that is typically used to reduce stomach acid, is a natural substance that is a building block used as a base for many different products we use daily, from medicine to paper and even some construction, of course as one of the few materials. The next ingredient, dipotassium phosphate, has no known harmful effects on human health or the environment. We also see sea salt as an ingredient, which is a natural substance, however the website does not cite how they acquire these other ingredients and could be harmful for the environment. Sea salt extraction is not usually harmful, but requires that extractors pass an audit from the Friend of the Sea organization, a partner with the World Sustainability organization who ensures sustainability in interactions and material sourcing from the ocean. Gellan gum, another ingredient, is a thickening agent that is vegan and also naturally occurring and is processed through fermentation. The rest of the ingredients are different types of vitamins (Vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, Riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B12), all naturally occurring minerals that are healthy and safe ingredients for both the planet and people. Overall, Planet Oat produces delicious oatmilk that is both safe for consumption and eases the consumer’s mind in their ingredients.

How it's made:


Planet Oat has a simple process for making their oatmilk. They start with oats and water, then add enzymes, which include gellan gum, in order to create the oatmilk’s creamy texture. It is then blended with the vitamins and minerals listed at the end of the ingredients list. This process is very simple and completely natural. The process by which Planet Oat makes their oatmilk is not harmful to the environment or people who enjoy it. With this being said, I would like to see more transparency into the manufacturing process and how exactly their oatmilk is mixed together and made. The Planet Oat website does not offer much clarification on how they source or process any of their ingredients, which is suspicious and begs the question of if their materials and manufacturing process are something that they feel should be hidden to please the consumer.

Who makes it:


Planet Oat’s website isn’t transparent about the work environment they provide for their employees, and neither does the company that owns them, Hood. We also don’t see much about the company’s efforts to be sustainable, although they partner with many different organizations that benefit the environment and give to many different communities. This is very suspect, as they should make public standards and uphold these standards to treat their employees fairly and ethically. Furthermore, according to reviews given on, we can see reviews of current and past employees of HP Hood saying that they are overworked and there is a disconnect between managers and employees. We simply can’t trust them when they haven’t set forth public goals to maintain the mental and physical health of their employees, and from employee experiences we can see that they are a company that we cannot support.