Original Kombucha by GT Dave

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Isabel Armitage
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Price: $3.49 per 16fl oz bottle
The price is very accessible and cheap for a natural, organic, healthy beverage, and besides the co-opting from East Asia, GT seems to be doing everything as sustainably as possible. It is clear that this family business keeps sustainability at the forefront of their mind, and they do acknowledge the East Asian origins of Kombucha, but still are not clear about giving back to any communities or what they do with their profits.

What it's made of:


Ingredients: “GT’s Kombucha (Kombucha Culture, Black Tea, Green Tea, Cane Sugar) and 100% Pure Love!!!”. This Kombucha includes probiotics and a very small tenth of a percentage of alcohol, and has very few ingredients that are all locally and responsibly sourced.

How it's made:


Each batch of GT’s Kombucha is made in California with no outsourcing, and it is made by brewing black tea and green tea together with the SCOBY that ferments for a few weeks. Chemicals are not involved in this process and if there is any flavoring in the bottles, (the original Kombucha does not have flavoring), then organic and raw fruits and vegetables are used along with herbs and spices as needed. There is no artificial coloring or flavors, and it is all made in one location.

Who makes it:


GT Dave started this company by himself after his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 and her homemade tea helped her recovery process. GT Dave was inspired by this and at 15 years old he started trying out his own Kombucha recipes. He has always used small batches of cultured and fermented tea and stayed true to the original recipes that come from a Himalayan SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). They are a family owned and operated company that cares deeply about sustainability and “Mother Nature”, but does acknowledge that Kombucha is native to East Asia and this co-opting is the reason that they did not receive full planets.