Organicup Menstrual Cup

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Josephine Collier
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Overall, Organicup does a great job at making sustainable and safe menstrual cups for people with periods. People can relax knowing that they are using a product that will last a long time and was made relatively sustainably. Knowing how the company works would help boost their sustainability, but overall they have done a good job at making a sustainable period product that many can safely use.

What it's made of:


The Organicup is made of 100% medical grade silicone, which may seem great because silicone is recyclable. However, silicone is not biodegradable. Silicone is great as long as you only purchase it a few times and get the most use out of it as possible, and then properly recycle it. Silicone is a great material, and since the silicone in the Organicup is medical grade, it does not contain toxic chemicals that may harm you or the planet. Overall, if used properly, the Organicup is made of a material that is favorable to plastic, and is sustainable enough to be favored. The Organicup also comes in plastic free packaging, an added bonus to those seeking a sustainable menstrual cup. This packaging is made from recycled carton and contains instructions on how to properly recycle the packaging. 

How it's made:


Organicup sources their materials from quartz found in sand. They also do not add any types of dyes or colors to their cups to avoid additives and other chemicals. The Organicup is certified vegan, allergen free, and FDA registered as a medical device. Organicup focuses their manufacturing process on maintaining sustainable standards and leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible. Though they still have room to improve, Organicup is doing well in making sure that they make strides in making their product as sustainable as possible.

Who makes it:


Organicup has made it a part of their goal, as a company, to spread education to people who have periods around the world and to provide menstrual products to all who need them. They have partnered with different organizations to provide reusable menstrual products to many different people and education around periods to people who have never been taught about menstruation. This company is devoted to helping people around the world in a sustainable way. With a team of 24, they don’t mention any standards for their work environment on their website. This company is doing good work, however, we need to know more about the interworkings of the company.