Organic Girl’s Butter Plus, 4oz Lettuce

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Jasmin Lopez
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Overall, Organic Girl does not stand out for doing anything highly innovative nor impressive. It is a bit pricier than store brand organic lettuce, but with no distinguishing factor. Their marketing relies very heavily on its organic origins, but their website neglects to inform consumers about their growing practices. Yes, organic farming is important for restoring America’s farmlands, and I applaud them for taking that approach. However, that doesn’t excuse them from not giving more in depth information about their farming and hiring strategies. Additionally they boast about being GMO free, but give no information on how they handle the issues that typically arise when using non-GMO seeds. Looking through their website and social media accounts there are almost zero visual images of their farms, so it makes one worry about what farming techniques they are using and how they are sourcing the labor to maintain it. On a positive note, I appreciate their information on their packaging source and the story of why they chose it. The educational note is refreshing because it bring consumers along the process to learn how to responsibly upcycle the packaging if they decide to do so instead of sending it off to be recycled or thrown out. Using this education based approach to handle their product’s end life, is what makes Organic Girl stand out, but it has some work to do in being more transparent with its' products growing cycle.

What it's made of:


Organic Girl’s butter lettuce is derived from the lettuce type called Red Little Gem. It is certified USDA organic, GMO free, and high in iron.

How it's made:


Organic Girl’s Butter Lettuce is grown traditionally in certified organic fields found in the Salinas Valley, California. The type of seeds the company uses to grow their butter lettuce in these fields are all GMO free. Once they’re ready to harvest the lettuce is washed at least three times before being put on shelves. All their lettuce is packaged in clamshells that are #1rPET which means it is made of completely recycled plastic type #1. This plastic container can then be recycled through TerraCycle by requesting a shipping label through their website.

Who makes it:


Organic Girl is a company that prides itself for selling organic produce that’s sourced from a region saturated with conventional, toxic farming methods. Their story begins in 2007 with the intention to innovate the packaged greens industry. They did this by changing the way packaged lettuce sold so that it encompasses more of the stem to maintain the quality and nutritional integrity of the product. Their product portfolio contains a variety of leafy greens that are typical to the region, but with a mix of complimentary dressings. No detailed information or videos are given on the production style for any of their listed products. Additionally, no specific information is given about their working conditions, farmer treatment, or gender pay information. The only details given is that they offer an-site wellness program designed to provide people with opportunities to live a healthier lifestyle through education, bio-metric screenings, disease management counseling and fun employer sponsored activity challenges.