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Sarah Kern
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Reusable bread bags are a thing of the past. Nowadays, you will find loaves stacked on grocery store shelves, wrapped up in plastic bags that can’t be reused. What a waste! Onya Bread Bags has a mission to stop the use of disposable bread bags with their own reusable bread bags made out of recycled plastic. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their fresh loaf of bread from the bakery knowing that they can store it in a recycled bread bag? Read below to learn more about these blast-from-the-past bread bags.

What it's made of:


Onya Bread Bags are made out of up to 10x recycled plastic drink bottles. The fabric of the bag is called rPET, meaning it is made of recycled plastic and takes 50% of the energy used to make normal PET plastics! Furthermore, the packages that your Onya Bread Bags come in are made from post-consumer recycled materials and the water-based inks are completely recyclable and compostable. Onya ships with recycled boxes or FSC certified envelopes that are 100% recyclable. I love to see a company that tries to make all of the shipping material and products out of completely recycled or recyclable materials because it really shows me how much they care about not leaving a physical footprint on the environment.

How it's made:


These recyclable bread bags are made by weaving together rPET into a tightly woven fabric and are eventually sewn together into a bag form. The rPET is made by sorting the PET, cleaning it thoroughly to remove all labels, and once it is dried into granulate material, it can be remolded into rPET. Unfortunately, the Onya website does not include a page about their actual manufacturing process, so it is pretty hard to discern what their specific production looks like. It would definitely be nice to see a “how our rPET is made” or “how our bread bags are made” page so that we can truly understand all parts of the process. They are very transparent about all other aspects of the bread bags, so it is strange to see that this key piece of information is missing. However, it is nice to be able to read that the bags are made of recycled materials despite the lack of transparency regarding the manufacturing process. 

Who makes it:


Onya boasts that their products are sustainably and responsibly made in China. Upon clicking the link on their website, you are brought to a page all about who makes their products. We LOVE the transparency! They are B-Corp certified, meaning that they are verifiably sustainable in terms of products, manufacturing, as well as their impact on their workers, the community, and the environment. The website specifically states that they personally reassess their audits on the treatment of workers often to not only ensure the safety of the workers but to see if their scores can improve. Onya also donates 1% of every sale to environmental nonprofits so that they can give back and create positive change, demonstrating their intent to sustainably invest in a greener future. Furthermore, they are a “climate positive” company that is always “looking for ways to further reduce (their) impact on the planet”. They recognize that there is always room for growth, and this mindset is what really makes Onya stand out. Not only do they care about making their bags better at sealing the bread from air exposure, but they also care about constantly evolving their products and processes to be as environmentally conscious as possible.