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Sophie Weiss
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Olik Sport is an organization that specializes in custom sports apparel and gear. The company makes no mention of sustainable practices or an effort to contribute to conscious production and consumption of apparel. It is hard to believe that any focus of Olik Sport is on sustainable practices such as positive environmental impact, equitable working conditions, and more. Their focus is on creating breathable, long-lasting materials that contribute to a positive consumer experience with jerseys and sports wear. When it comes to sustainability, however, Olik is falling behind.

What it's made of:


When it comes to the materials that make up the clothing and packaging, Olik has no sustainability model. Their apparel is all made up solely of polyester. Polyester contributes to environmental degradation throughout its supply chain. The production and disposal of polyester greatly harms the environment. It is not biodegradable which contributes to its greatest asset of being long-lasting. In this way, it is sustainable because it discourages the quick disposal of the garment. However, it’s negative impacts far outweigh the positive impacts.

How it's made:


Olik Sport has little transparency regarding the process in which their clothing is made. They don’t provide information about the production of textiles or the manufacturing. Because of a lack of transparency, we can assume that the techniques they utilize are unsustainable. The fashion industry contributes significantly to polluted water and air as well as other environmental factors that are becoming extremely important now with recent developments of climate change.

Who makes it:


Olik Sport makes no mention of those who participate along the supply chain. There is no presence of social awareness and no commitment to important issues such as human rights. In an industry such as the fashion industry, it is imperative for companies to take a stand against poor treatment of workers. It is unclear whether Olik Sport takes this seriously. To achieve environmental progress, I suggest the company first becomes transparent about their processes and then tackles environmental harm in various sectors such as textiles used, packaging, manufacturing processes, and human impact (diversity, fair labor practices, etc.).