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It has been a great pleasure for me to review Oleamea Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is a product of the rare lands of my hometown.

Oleamea, the brand of two children of a family that has many years of experience in olive oil production, exports its products to America and Switzerland in addition to sales in Turkey. The compliance of their products with the organic farming regulations in Turkey (TR), Europe (EC) and America (NOP) has been certified by Ceres GmbH, and their products have been awarded at the Los Angeles International Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition and the NYIOOC New York International Olive Oil Competition in 2020. 

The Bundle is currently on sale at $41.99 as listed on Oleamea’s website.  As well as a one-time purchase option, you can consider saving money on your orders with the option to subscribe and save, which allows consumers to get services in a more convenient way. 

By providing a delicious, affordable, sustainably sourced and healthy extra virgin olive oil that everyone can experience, they are not only treating olive oil as a product but also sharing their traditions, passions and heritage with the rest of the world.

What it's made of:


Oleamea selects exceptional Memecik variety olives from Turkey's southwest, and the Memecik olive tree grows primarily on hilly terrain that is rich in slate, up to an altitude of just under 2000 feet (600 meters). It adapts well to the region's limited rainfall and does not require much water, resulting in the formation of a broad root system that allows essential nutrients to be transferred from the soil to the olive fruit. 

What I noticed in this section is that Oleamea has complete control over the entire process, from cultivation to milling, storage, packaging, and sale of their award-winning Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. This transparency allows consumers to know when the olives in their bottles are harvested, milled and bottled, as well as the chemical component values of the product. 

Their bottles that are 100% recyclable developed using dark UV-resistant glass, and a remarkable nitrogen sealing process that preserve extremely high antioxidants levels and polyphenol count. You may wonder why nitrogen should be used in this process. In general, nitrogen, unlike oxygen, does not react with food products or alter their flavour or texture, allowing them to remain fresher for longer.

How it's made:


Local olives grown with organic farming practices are harvested by hand, without touching the soil in September and October when the values of polyphenols and other oleic acids and useful components are highest. Then, production is carried out with the state-of-the-art Italian olive oil making machine that allows the extraction of olive oils at the facility in the village of Sogukoluk, close to the olive groves. They also have a facility in Çine Organized Industrial Zone, and since OIZs are controlled by the government in Turkey, this region can be considered more reliable in terms of environmental assessments compared to independent facility areas.

They guarantee that each bottle of cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced with organic ingredients without the use of harmful pesticides or additives. Having organic constituents is important here. Since extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidant levels it hinders the benefits of the oil if it’s full of pesticides and toxins. Also, 70% of the Oleamea’s products are transported by the seas. Sea freight is generally much more environmentally friendly than air freight. And here comes information that you will be surprised by! Their entire facility, including production, is running on solar energy which is a completely renewable resource. I am very impressed by this situation because I think that the use of renewable energy for industrial purposes should increase.

Who makes it:


Oleamea has a website where you feel the value given to the environment, product and consumer at every point. They do not consider commercial earnings as a priority of their formation. They want people to reach organic products easily. In addition to supporting the traditional agricultural practices of the land, they are also investing in them to improve the lives of local Turkish communities through education and support. Therefore, the Çine Development Foundation, which has been helping to promote and educate Turkish farmers about organic farming practices for more than a decade, has grown into an initiative that has reached more than 880 producers in over 79 different villages and covers more than 14.000 acres of land. Being the first foundation in the region to adopt organic farming, this institution provides monthly organic farming training and tasting courses to its producers through agricultural engineers and consultants, and organizes field visits to their lands. 

Oleamea is pleased to collaborate with The Conscious Kid which is an organization dedicated to promoting positive racial identity development in youth. A portion of all sales is donated directly to organizations, families, and educators working to combat racism in young children. Partnering with such organizations can be given as a good example for local brands.