Numi Organic Green Tea – Jasmine GreenNumi Organic Green Tea – Jasmine Green

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Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh
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The Numi company has a foundation which is actively involved in helping people meet their basic human needs and they were also played an important part in COVID-19 food relief. They have partnered with global farming communities to improving and building new water infrastructure facilities for farmers. This has benefitted people in Madagascar and India, and it has served up to 4000 people. The Numi Foundation has also helped the organic rooibos farm in South Africa and provide for clear water and sanitation facilities. The company has taken strong steps in achieving their sustainability goals. They are certified by several organizations which speaks to their efforts and transparency in their efforts towards sustainability. The company has taken several important steps by using renewable sources of energy, packaging free of eco toxicity and socially responsible measures. This is a sustainable company, and I am keen to see them progress and acheive more sustainable goals.

What it's made of:


This is an organic green tea scented with organic jasmine flowers. The company is certified by USDA Organic and the green tea is Fair Trade Certified. The Jasmine Green tea is sourced from China and is from the FairTrade garden. This has increased the workers wages in China by 30 to 40 percent. It is also impressive to note that the funds from the Fair Trade directly benefit the families to support the children education. The company is also certified by Verified Fair Labor which ensures safe labor practices ensured with independent assessments. The transparency of the ingredients and the sources is a strong step by the company towards achieving their sustainability goals.

How it's made:


To ensure that the teas are organic, the Verified Labor certification ensures that the growers are certified organic and no harmful chemicals are used. The certification also ensures that the company plays an important role in the social development and ensures safe wages and working environment for the farmers. The packaging of the tea bag is in compostable plant based tea wrappers. These wrappers are made from renewable resources. The paper used for the tea bags are made by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper which ensures that responsibly sourced wood is used for the paper. This ensures that the disintegration of the package does not cause eco-toxicity. They are also certified as Climate Neutral which ensures that the company offsets and reduces all their greenhouse gas emissions. Through these efforts in eco-friendly packaging, the company is saving 3,800,000 gallons water, 2,200 BTUs Energy, 3,000 Trees, and 310,000 lbs. of Landfill. This is an impressive goal achieved by the company.

Who makes it:


The Green tea is sourced from China and the farmers decide on how to use the premiums obtained by the Fair Trade in their communities. So far, the Fair Trade have been used for many community improvements programs like building roads, new schools, college scholarships, maternity benefits, and onsite medical staff. The company has contributed up to $1 million in Fair Trade Premiums which is an impressive achievement by the company towards their social sustainability goals. The company is also certified as a B Corporation which are companies which benefit the environment, community, employees, and the shareholders. This is an important step towards sustainability taken by the company.


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