Northvolt - Lithium ion cells

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Alice Dunsmore
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Northvolt prides itself on trying to bring about the end of the reliance on the oil and gas industry. They focus on creating cells (or batteries) which are nearly fully recyclable, bringing the circular economy into the renewable energy sector. The batteries that are produced can be created into many different shapes, which allows them to be used for a variety of products or industries.

I believe that Northvolt is a great company, striving for circularity within battery production in the renewable energy sector. To improve Northvolt needs to be more traceable with the sourcing of their products.

What it's made of:


Within the battery they use compact cells which are soldered together. This means that the batteries are durable and can be used for longer. The exact materials used are not stated due to privacy/ copyright agreements. This is an issue when trying to assess the sustainability of Northvolt’s products, as they are not available to be analysed.

They do state that 97% of their products within the batteries are recycled. This varies from the copper to aluminium which is found within the product.

How it's made:


Within the manufacturing process Northvolt only uses renewable energy sources for power. They also use these locally sourced renewable sources.

When the batteries are at the end of their life span Northvolt makes sure to discharge the batteries so that they are ready and able to be recycled. The batteries are then dismantled so various parts can be reused in the new batteries.

There is no specific information in the production process of the batteries specifically. This is arguably due to the needed privacy of the creation process of the batteries but relates to the lack of traceability within Northvolt.

Who makes it:


Northvolt wants to improve their traceability. It is an area that they have stated to know they need to work on and want to work on.

The company itself is Swedish and has all of its factories found in Sweden. This reduces the transportation carbon footprint of the products as all of the factories are found within the same area and country.

When reading Northvolt’s environmental policy it is disappointing. It is only 1 side of A4 long and only gives short paragraphs surrounding Northvolt’s environmental policies. Within the document it doesn’t suggest the exact ways that Northvolt are planning to improve their environmental sustainability. An additional element which is not considered or commented on, on the Northvolt website is any social sustainability processes which are being considered or acted upon within the company or by the company.