Newman's Own Sea Salt Popcorn

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Eva Fenningdorf
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Although this popcorn is marketed as healthy, Newman’s Own is not being forthcoming about the sustainability of their product. Since this product is marketed towards conscious individuals as doing good and each purchase supports non-profits, the individual plastic wrapping is a shock to many consumers. The people purchasing this product are paying a premium to support a supposedly sustainable business, but result in contributing to unnecessary plastic waste. The reason why this product has an overall score of 2 planets is because Newman’s Own does give 100% of profits to charity, and there are very few ingredients. The product is also vegan which contributes to its sustainability, but the plastic packaging keeps this product from receiving a higher score. Overall, there is very little transparency into the actual corporate practices, where the only information they disclose to consumers is that their profits are donated to charity which is the sole aspect of this product that contributes to their score.

What it's made of:


There are only four ingredients in this product which are whole grain popcorn, palm oil, sea salt, and vitamin E. Newman’s Own makes other microwave popcorn that is organic, but these only come in butter flavor varieties which is a bit confusing to the consumer. Someone might think they are buying organic popcorn because they bought a different flavor in the past and then realize that this is not the case. This product earns zero planets because the popcorn ingredients are vegan and there are so few of them, however, the company is not transparent on where they source their ingredients and the packaging is wasteful and unnecessary. Each bag of popcorn comes individually wrapped in plastic as well as in a box, and moreover there are only three bags of popcorn in the box while other brands fit around six bags in the same size box

How it's made:


There is very little information on how exactly this product is made and the only information available is that all Newman’s Own products are manufactured by 20 co-packing facilities. This is obviously not enough information for the consumer to make an informed decision when buying these products and the lack of transparency is surprising for this brand that markets itself as sustainable and all natural. The lack of information contributes to their low planet score with one planet being a generous benefit of the doubt for them.

Who makes it:


Once again, the company does not disclose who makes their products and is not forthcoming about any of their practices. The consumer is unable to find any information about whether the employees are treated fairly or even who they are. The reason why this category receives a score of two planets is because the corporation as a whole does donate their profits to charity and is this is a very commendable practice.