Nature’s Path Organic “Original Regenerative Organic Instant Oatmeal”

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Devin Carver
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The “Original Regenerative Instant Oatmeal” packets from Nature’s Path Organic is a product that I strongly recommend. Nature’s Path Organic does an excellent job disseminating its mission of “leaving the Earth better" through its products and practices. The level of transparency is one to be applauded, as what they preach is clearly visible in their products and philanthropic efforts. The one determining factor that prevented a 3/3 review is the cost of the instant oatmeal, which may hinder accessibility to all consumers. The trade-off between Nature’s Path’s oats and a leading competitor, like Quaker Oats, is the cost difference of roughly two dollars. However, if this cost does not pose a burden to you, then I highly recommend trying out this product.

What it's made of:


This product is simple, as its ingredient list consists solely of organic whole grain rolled oats. The resounding benefit of this product is the fact that these oats are produced in a way that does not harm the planet. This is due to Nature’s Path’s agricultural practices of regenerative organic farming. The lack of fertilizers and pesticides builds healthy soil that promotes biodiversity and strays away from the industrial approaches to agriculture that are visible in many corporation’s practices today.

How it's made:


The “Original Regenerative Instant Oats” are made through organic regenerative farming practices, which are highlighted and discussed thoroughly on the company’s website. This Regenerative Organic Certification means that the farming practices succeed in sequestering carbon, promoting animal welfare, and advocating for fair labor standards among the farmers. In the food industry—and especially the organic food industry— certifications can be both confusing and misleading. However, Nature’s Path Organic does a good job of informing the consumer about the farming process from start to finish, the differences in agricultural farming practices, and the requirements to obtain the Regenerative Organic Certification. Furthermore, Nature’s Path Organic is family-owned and operated out of North America, with manufacturing facilities in British Columbia, Wisconsin, and Washington. This signals that the company is committed to reducing its global footprint and maintaining oversight of its production habits.

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Nature's Path Organic is a leader in the health foods sector in regards to its sustainable production habits and dedication to philanthropic efforts. The company champions transparency, as they offer extensive explanations of their organic farming process, their family-owned operation, and their commitment to supporting organizations and projects that have a similar mission of protecting the environment. Nature's Path Organic established an annual commitment of donating $2 million worth of food to communities experiencing hunger and has fostered a culture of care and giving through partnering with urban gardening projects to expand access to healthy and organic food. Their philanthropic programs and commitments don't end there—the company also participates in initiatives centered around giving back that are directly tied to the products they sell. Every time a consumer purchases one of their Love Crunch products, Nature's Path “donates the equivalent in cash and food” to nearby food banks, and for every EnviroKidz product that is purchased, the company allocates 1% of the sales to support habitat conservation and environmental youth education programs. Additionally, the company offers explicit ways that consumers can get involved in the sustainability movement via their website, as a way to incorporate a call to action to engage the general public. This is encompassed in the catchphrase “pipe up to protect the planet” which is visible across their website and is accompanied by information about alternative solutions to fossil fuels, the dangers of pipelines, and the importance of renewable energy.