Naked Smoothies

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Katie Huston
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On their website, Naked clearly states that they are trying to make the best possible profit in the most sustainable way. This made me very happy, but as I did more research I became less convinced that this was true. Naked also explains that they are a partner of Wholesome Wave, which helps give affordable access to locally grown fruits and vegetables to those in need. They have provided more than one million servings to those in need. This is great because it allows those who can’t afford much to have access to healthier foods. This organization is very diverse and gives back to all ethnicities. In addition, packaging facilities try to use natural light and compost waste, as well as run part of their operations on solar power. In fact, they have 1,824 solar panels. In 2015, they lessoned their carbon footprint by 2,50 tons of CO2. This is great to hear, however there were no new plans listed on their website to prove that they are continuing their sustainability efforts which is a shame. Further, while this all sounds great, after more research I found that the brand is owned by PepsiCo, a company that is not concerned about the well being of the environment. I found this extremely unfortunate because Naked now seems to be greenwashing. In fact, PepsiCo even got sued for advertising that the drinks were healthier than they actually are. Because Naked was not transparent and actually lied to their consumers, I felt that the rating needed to be very low.

What it's made of:


Naked smoothies include no preservatives or added sugar. They also claim their packaging is sustainable. For instance, they state that they use bottles they like to call the reNEWabottle. These are made out of other plastic bottles and even the bottle you drink one smoothie out of can be recycled and used for another. Naked also claims to be the first nationally distributed juice company to use 100% rPET (recyclable polyethylene terephthalate). While these all seem like good things, PepsiCo, the corporation owning the Naked brand received a lawsuit concerning the ingredients in their drinks. The packaging claimed to include all healthy ingredients, yet was caught in the lie.

How it's made:


By recycling your Naked bottle, 25% more energy is saved, rather than beginning from virgin plastic. In addition, between 2013 and 2015, Naked reduced their water usage in their L.A. facility by 31 million gallons. In addition, the bottles are all made in a square shape to ensure more efficient packaging and reduce the carbon footprint. These all sound like great things, it is just hard to believe because Naked is owned by a corporation like PepsiCo. While it seems Naked is taking all the necessary precautions to be a sustainable company, because they were willing to be taken over by PepsiCo says a lot. PepsiCo is a very unsustainable corporation that creates a large amount of waste and claims to be making movements towards sustainability, but does not actually show any progress of this. Therefore, I had to end up giving Naked an overall lower rating.

Who makes it:


Naked’s website mentions that every banana and pineapple is sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. This organization is a nonprofit dedicated to conserving biodiversity and and ensuring sustainable livelihoods for farmers and their families. While this is great, there is no information as to where all the other fruits and veggies that go into making these juices are coming from. In addition, Naked is now owned by PepsiCo, a huge food corporation. PepsiCo is known to claim they are more sustainable than they truly are. For instance, they are massive producers of plastic waste. This is very unfortunate and made me give them a low score.