Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap

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Emily Vainstein
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Overall this brand is very transparent in sharing what specific ingredients are being used in their products.  The information is very easily accessible and the website includes a detailed Glossary of ingredients, which includes: What is it?, What does it do?, Found in?, CAS Numbers, and Additional Information.  Despite an investigation into chemicals found in their products, the company, in response, has created more safety measures and improved their supply chain.  The company was also transparent with media sources about their mistakes and efforts.  Despite this, the company has since corrected their wrongdoings and has been a safe and reliable cleaning product since.  While the Mrs. Meyers branch of SC Johnson is making strides towards becoming more sustainable, the company itself still has bigger improvements to make to reduce its environmental impact.

What it's made of:


The main ingredients in this scent of hand soap are water, sodium methyl 2-sulfolaurate, the foaming aspect of cleansers, glycerin, used to soften and moisturize skin, and citrus limon (lemon) peel oil, an essential oil derived from plants to provide fragrance.  Only 1% of ingredients are made from synthetic materials.  The ingredients in their products are all biodegradable and do not contain any traces of ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, or formaldehyde.  In addition to the liquid soap, Mrs. Meyers uses recyclable bottles made of at least 25% post-consumer plastic (plastic that was once used by consumers, discarded and is then cleaned and repurposed).  Despite this, their pumps and camps are still made of plastic.

How it's made:


Mrs. Meyers products are made and manufactured within the U.S..  Their materials are acquired from renewable plant resources  and require a 3 month testing period before being approved for sale to ensure safety.  While the company makes great efforts to ensure quality and safety of its materials, I dug through many sources and had difficulty finding more about how these products are sourced, made and manufactured.

Who makes it:


Mrs. Meyers was created by Monica Nassif in 2001.  It was acquired by SC Johnson in 2008.  During the same year, the company was under investigation for having traces of 1,4 dioxane, a harmful chemical, in their products.  The company has since worked towards improving its supply and manufacturing chains as well as improving safety measures.  While the Mrs. Meyers branch has worked towards sustainable and natural products, the SC Johnson company also manufactures Ziploc, Raid and OFF!.  All of which continue to harm the environment through plastic and harmful chemical waste. Despite this, the company has made some sustainable goals including reducing manufacturing waste and improving these harmful products by using recyclable packaging and allowing refills of cleaning products.