Mr. Zog’s Original Sex Wax

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Abigail Dateo
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Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax doesn’t claim to be sustainable because it is not. While I appreciate the brand’s transparency about the wax’s negative environmental impacts, I would prefer to support a brand that is committed to solving this problem. In order to shift to a more sustainable economy, brands need to take responsibility for their impacts and make changes. Mr. Zog’s recognizes that Sex Wax is unsustainably sourced and created, and they admit that the wax can negatively affect marine ecosystems. However, Mr. Zog’s has no plans or statements about how they are going to address this problem. That being said, I would prefer to support brands that recognize their negative impacts and strive to be more sustainable. Mr. Zog’s does not have any intentions for negating their environmental impacts, and Sex Wax has entirely negative impacts on the planet and marine ecosystems, so I must rate the product at 0.5 planets.

What it's made of:


Mr. Zog’s sex wax is made of 100% paraffin wax which is sourced from crude oil. As you can see on the packaging, the wax is marketed as non-toxic and biodegradable. However, the wax is only non-toxic to humans, not necessarily animals or marine life, which contributes to the low planet score of 0.5. The wax is also biodegradable in the sense that is dissolves in the ocean and doesn’t leave physical waste. However, the wax releases carbon back into the oceans as it biodegrades, which contributes to global warming and has potentially negative impacts on marine ecosystems.
I rate the “What It’s Made of” section 0.5 planets because the wax is sourced from crude oil. When used, the wax releases carbon into the oceans which can negatively impact marine ecosystems. Instead of using surf wax with paraffin wax, I would recommend creating a homemade remedy from beeswax and coconut oil.

How it's made:


Paraffin wax is considered a petrochemical, and it is created by extracting crude oil from the ground and chemically separating it into different components. There are associated greenhouse gas emissions with extracting, separating, and using the sex wax, which contributes to the low planet score of 0. Additionally, I usually buy Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax in Maine, and the product is sourced from California; the emissions associated with transporting the product further contribute to the lowly planet score.

Who makes it:


Mr. Zog’s has a whole section on their website about the environmental impact of their surf wax, so the brand is definitely transparent, which I appreciate. They are honest about their product having negative environmental impacts, and they even review the Sex Wax with sustainability considerations on their website. Nevertheless, the company also prints “non-toxic” and “biodegradable” on the Sex Wax packaging, which emphasizes greenwashing; the wax is non-toxic to humans, not marine life, and it is biodegradable but not without negative environmental impacts. Additionally, the company has not created any sustainable alternatives to the Sex Wax, which makes me doubt that they are committed to sustainability. I rate Mr. Zog’s at 1 planet because I appreciate their transparency but I would prefer to support a brand with strong commitments to negating environmental impacts.