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Isabel Maternowski
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The MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag is a small gray fabric pouch filled with charcoal and is meant to work as a natural odor remover and air purifier. It is a fragrance and chemical-free odor eliminator. You can place the bag near shoes, gym bags, suitcases, cars, bathrooms, freshly painted walls, or any other places that need to be freshened up. The bag is able to “recharge” its purifying powers by putting it out in the sun for an hour. After 2 years of air freshening use, you simply cut open the bag and sprinkle the charcoal around your garden to improve soil quality. Only costs $9.95 and works for 2 years! An impressive product and it is relatively sustainable! 

What it's made of:


The MOSO Natural Air Purifying bag is made of dark gray burlap fabric and is very unassuming. The small size is a 6 by 6.5 by 2-inch gray sachet bag. It has rustic stitching and a grommet in one corner. The bag itself does not give off any odor. The small size is supposed to be able to purify the air of a room that is over 90 sq ft. The bag comes in a small plastic packaging that you have to rip open when you are ready for its purifying powers to begin work. The bag contains a small label on the front which has space for you to write the date. This is a nice touch because the bag is only usable for two years so it helps you remember when the charcoal will no longer be active. You could theoretically compost this all-fabric bag after two years of use. The MOSO company suggests adding charcoal to your garden to improve soil quality after it no longer works as an air freshener.

Activated bamboo charcoal is the main ingredient in this bag. Charcoal is a pretty amazing ingredient, it can be used to whiten teeth, filter water, and even treat certain poisonings in hospitals. Now you can add odor eliminator to charcoal's already impressive resume. While charcoal is an all-natural product and does not contain any harmful chemicals, it is created by burning carbon-rich material, such as wood, at a high temperature. This does increase the carbon footprint of this relatively “low waste” product but bamboo is a very sustainable material. Also, the bag is fabric and could be composted after use. So in this category, I will give the MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag a 2.5. They could improve the sustainability of their packaging by removing the plastic pouch that it is shipped in.

How it's made:


This specific product is made with Moso Charcoal. Moso is a species of giant timber bamboo native to China. It grows higher than 55 ft in five years. The charcoal is sourced from a farm in China’s Fujian Province. Moso bamboo is wide and dense and creates some of the most effective charcoal in the world. Charcoal is created by burning carbon-rich material, like wood, at a very high temperature. To convert the bamboo to charcoal it is first cut down then dried slowly in a kiln at 750 degrees celsius through a process called pyrolysis. In the absence of oxygen, all organic material is cooked off- all that is left is millions of pores and cavities. The charcoal is later “activated”, making the structure more porous. Activated charcoal is meant to remove toxins from the environment through adsorption: toxins in the air get stuck on the charcoal’s surface, similar to flies on sticky paper. Because charcoal has a massive surface area with so many pores, one small piece of activated charcoal can remove an impressive amount of toxins from both air and water. The MOSO company is committed to making its product as sustainable as possible. It is great that they use bamboo as it does grow back so quickly. They are also conscious of the species that utilize bamboo and ensure that they are not depleting pandas and other animals of their food source. Pandas eat water bamboo, not Moso Bamboo because it grows too tall. The company MOSO uses the by-product of the bamboo cooking process and makes it into bamboo vinegar, another useful cleaning product. They are actively working to make their product and manufacturing as close to zero waste as possible. Perhaps they could improve by using renewable energy for their kilns and using less packaging materials. But overall this product is quite impressive from a circularity standpoint. The product has a long lifetime of use- over 2 years and then can be composted. Also, it is made with minimal plastic and with overall pretty sustainable materials. For this category, they will receive a 2.

Who makes it:


MOSO Natural was founded by CEO Eric Rubin. When he initially started this business he planned on making a car air freshener. After visiting the manufacturing plant he realized that most air fresheners were filled with awful ingredients: formaldehyde, petroleum, and artificial fragrances. He decided that he wanted to create a clean air freshener, one that didn't contain harmful chemicals. Rubin was ecstatic when he found Moso bamboo charcoal in China. It is known as a miracle “black diamond” product: healthy, sustainable, and affordable. The MOSO Natural air purifying bag product is grown and manufactured in China. The high-quality product is made in a “safe and fair” work environment in Fujian Province. Each Moso Bag is hand-sewn and packaged. Despite the relatively convincing claims that the product is made ethically, it was very challenging to find any information fully supporting this. Also, creating charcoal through burning wood is a potentially health-threatening activity. Hydrocarbons and tiny soot particles can pollute the air and can aggravate heart and lung problems. The website was transparent about how the bamboo was sourced and transformed into charcoal but did not contain a lot of information about the specific workers who facilitated the manufacturing process. Also, there is no information about whether these individual workers are treated well and compensated accordingly. Due to the lack of transparency about the labor environment, I will give the MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag a 1.5 in this category.