Monica Vinader - Siren Fine Chain Bracelet

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Alice Dunsmore
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Monica Vinader states that sustainability is a journey and that they are learning and adapting. They are a carbon neutral business and are working towards net zero. In 2021 they expect to carbon offset 1,200 tones of greenhouse gas emissions. As members of the Responsible Jewellery Council they are kept up to date with new sustainable legislation and will be held responsible for their own actions. They have also achieved sustainability awards from Retail Jeweller and Marie Curie. I think they are starting to make the changes for the future but there is work still to go about the sourcing of their metals and stones.

What it's made of:


The bracelet is made from 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil and an aquamarine stone. The gold and silver in the product is recycled. With every piece being handcrafted with 100% recycled gold vermeil and sterling silver, supposedly reducing CO2 emissions by over 60%. The aquamarine stone is said to originate from ‘Africa’. There is no other information surrounding the origins of where the Aquamarine stone is from, how it is mined or if it is sustainably sourced. This heightens suspicions that the mining of the stone is not being done in a sustainable way. Additionally, by stating that it originates from ‘Africa’ makes the transparency of the supply chain for this product very poor as the country the stone originates from is not even stated. Relating to this transparency, the recycled gold and silver doesn’t state where the recycled products come from.

How it's made:


Their bags and boxes are 100% recyclable and they have removed nearly 90% of single-use plastic from their supply chain. This didn’t comment on other forms of plastic that they use that aren’t single use. All bubble wrap, polystyrene packaging and parcel tape have been replaced with other alternatives. By using recycled silver, they are created 2/3 less CO2 emissions than mined silver. They state that ‘In 2021 we expect to save 2,275,623kg GHG emissions by using recycled rather than mined gold and silver.’

They have a 5 year warranty on the product to try to promote people to wear their jewellery for longer. If it is broken the jewellery is fixed and then sent back to the customer.

Who makes it:


They work with female led businesses and ensure fair pay and safe working conditions by having monthly inspections. The suppliers are based worldwide which means that they is increased greenhouse gas emissions to deliver and assemble the product.

The company states that delivery is 100% carbon neutral. However, they do not prove how they know this information. Or additionally how the products are transported or how they are trying to encourage more environmentally friendly forms of transporting their products.

As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council the company has to perform checks on their suppliers. They have to make sure that the suppliers have the ability to supply recycled silver and gold before starting work, the suppliers sign a code of conduct committing to only using recycled materials and having audits and declarations to prove that only recycled metals are used. This is a great process. On the other hand, there is no statements about the mining of the stones and the transportation of the materials to their customers.

They have partnered with a climate action consultancy to evaluate their carbon footprints on both the corporate and product sides. They are a carbon neutral business because of this collaboration. They have committed to the UN Global Compact and its ten principles in relation to working with the consultancy. To fully commit to the ten principles Monica Vinader has become part of the UN’s sustainable development goals accelerator programme. This alongside being apart of the Responsible Jewellery Council makes the company well supported by other governing forces in the sustainable world.