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Samantha Sealey
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When doing these reviews, it is sporadic that we find a company that shines in all aspects of what Voiz represents, but Misfits Market has become the outlier in doing so. Their mission is to deliver these slightly defective but still fresh produce to consumers at a discounted rate while also lowering the scale of food waste. While food waste isn't entirely because of the produce industry, the company was able to recognize the issue of food waste and how produce that inherently has no problem but is still discarded plays a role in continuing this unnecessary cycle.

What it's made of:


The produce sold by Misfits Market is certified organic and non-GMO. These goods are sourced through local farmers in the US and other partners in Mexico, Italy, and Peru. What makes these fruits and veggies different than what you would typically find at your grocery store is that they are known as "Ugly." Ugly produce is referred to fruits and vegetables that carry slight defects such as being lumpy, dimpled, or simply too big or small to be in grocery stores. Before companies like Misfits Market, these ugly products would simply be discarded. Rather than waste these food products, the company has decided to repurpose these goods and sell them at a discounted price for all consumers to enjoy. Currently, Misfits Market has been able to repurpose over 40 million pounds of produce. All of the company's packaging is labeled eco-friendly. Starting with their boxes, they are made from recycled cardboard, which is recyclable. The inside pop box and insulated liners are made from 100% curbside recyclable materials. For certain products, they are necessary to be placed inside bags made of a plant-based resin compound, which can be composted both at home or through an industrial composting service. While there are a lot of paper-based products being used in the packaging, they are all necessary in order to preserve and protect the products being shipped. Also, all the items can be recycled and/or composted.

How it's made:


While the company sources their produce from distributors of organic food located across the country, especially on the Eastern Seaboard, they do not specify which farmers exactly. However, some have been highlighted through their social media sites, such as Lakeside Organic Farms, which is based in California. Their beliefs are to work with Mother Nature by not harming the environment's elements but instead working with them to produce better crops. Because we don't have all information on other farms used and the several sustainable (and unsustainable practices they follow), I cannot state that the company is truly taking all aspects of sustainability into consideration. Because this service takes place online, all products are shipped, whether it is shipping produce to their factory in Pennsylvania or the boxes to their customers. While shipping can be harmful to the environment, it leads me to question, is the mass shipping of groceries to customers better than each customer driving to the grocery store? Especially during the pandemic when many feared to leave their home because of the possible risk of being infected. Also, it makes one question is it better to ship the food to consumers who will use these products or is it best to just discard it?

Who makes it:


Besides the several farmers who supply products the company buys from, there are also several factory workers within the company who aid in packing and shipping the product. The company has made a point of hiring people who were previously incarcerated, providing them with livable wages. During the pandemic, Misfits market hired over 400 more employees and raised their minimum wage up an extra $3. Hiring more employees increased job opportunities for people who were laid off during the pandemic and was able to satisfy the growing demand the company received during this past year. Employee safety is also taken into consideration as Misfits Market follows the GMP standards. The Good Manufacturing Practice ensures employee safety as it is meant to minis any form of risk during production. By following these GMPs, employees were provided proper safety attire and further increasing their sanitation practices.


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